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Jan 25, 2007 10:46 PM

Desserts Only

I arrive on Monday and have 3 1/2 days to eat my way through NYC. We have some great reservations (at least I think we do) - Babbo, L'Atelier, Eleven Madison, Prune. We also want to do some late night dessert tastings. I am particularly interested in plated desserts -How would you rank the following places:

Room 4 Dessert
Varietal (side question, do they have a bar that we can order only desserts?)
Falai (same side question as above)

Too bad Sam Mason's place will not be opened yet. Oh well, I'll have to come back.

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  1. Haven't been to all those places, but don't forget WD-50 as a dessert destination.

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      We care going to WD-50 before dinner at Prune. My friends are getting apps and I will be getting dessert.

    2. Room 4 Dessert is excellent. I recommend the Choco Bubbles and Whisky Coca desserts. Voyage to India and the Apple tasting menus are very good too.
      Chikalicious, in my opinion, is too precious, and, if possible, more difficult a room to be comfortable than R4D.
      Kyotofu is on my list of places to try, and a friend recently noted that it isn't "precious" so I would put that somewhere between Chika and R4D.
      The desserts at WD~50, at least when Sam Mason was there, were fantastic.
      Haven't been to Varietal yet (and I stress "yet") nor Falai.
      Also, Nicole Kaplan former pastry chef at Eleven Madison Park is now at Del Posto. You could probably go to the lounge area and just have dessert there(?).
      Enjoy, you've got some great meals coming your way.

      1. Another factor to take into consideration is that IIRC Chikalicious (which is tiny) and Kyotofu do not take reservations, whereas Room 4 Dessert and WD-50 do.

        Oh, and R4D opens for dessert service early, like 6pm, so you do could a late afternoon dessert tasting before dinner, then go elsewhere.

        I believe that Varietal is so new that you shouldn't have a problem just dropping in and eating at the bar. Posts on other food-boards have confirmed this although I haven't done it myself (yet).

        1. bread pudding at blue ribbon bakery, chocolate fondue at blue ribbon on sullivan..... both open late... palacinka for crepes.

          1. creme brulee at blue ribbon bakery (i am not sure it is served at blue ribbon proper).

            less fancy desserts (but nonetheless delicious): cupcakes at sugar sweet sunshine or rice pudding at rice to riches.

            i LOVE chikalicious.

            i despise room for dessert.