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Where can I find the best tasting healthy B-day cake?

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If anyone can help, chowhounds can.

Please, thank you! Thank you! I appreciate it.

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  1. I've had some pretty deelicious cakes from Mani's...

    1. Healthy? That's a tough one.

      Anyone can deem ANY cake as UNhealthy. Because even if you try a (let's say) naturally sweetened cake or a sugar free cake (doesn't really exist), it's still tons of calories and lots of simple carbs (which make your insulin level skyrocket, and therefore can be unhealthy to many).
      Try Whole Foods. All clean stuff. No margarine, no transfats of any kind, no HF Corn Syrup, no artifical colors or additives. Still lots of sugar, but even a bowl of fruit will spike your insulin level. And, while whole foods is clean, they still use pasturized butter, which is very unhealthy. Might as well get a cake from some fancy bakery a la Susina, make sure they don't use margarine or HFCS, cut the slices nice and thin, enjoy, and not worry about it. My 2 cents.

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        My wife likes the carrot cake at Whole Foods. It's a healthier alternative, though I'm not sure I could honestly call any cake healthy. It's a pretty good carrot cake. I am not a huge carrot cake fan and I thought this one was pretty good.

      2. m cafe may be a good option. i like their food, but i've never had their cakes, so i can't offer any opinons.


        1. Help us out here a bit.

          What do you mean by "healthy"?



          Low sugar (or sugar free)?


          Something else?

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            Healthy meaning organic or natural that tastes good. Not meaning low fat or sugar free using artificial ingredients that may be worse.

            I realize there is no such thing as a healthy cake so a healthier alternative to the traditional tons of egg, tons of sugar, tons of dairy.

            Thank you for asking.

            My friend wants to celebrate and one of her main goals to eat healthy. It is like having a organically grown steak with the fat trimmed off or taking the skin off of free range chicken. It is for her treat to go off her eating pattern yet making it healthy as it can be with it tasting good.

            Does that makes sense?

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              Try Maison Richard. Made-to-order with organic ingredients.


          2. Mani's is probably your best bet.

            1. Ghalia Organic Desserts on Melrose

              Sweet Debbie's Organic Cupcakes and other desserts http://www.sweetdebbiesorganiccupcake...

              M Cafe de Chaya

              Urth Caffe I believe has organic desserts...

              Does Zen Bakery do cakes? I love their muffins straight out of the oven from the Pico homefront.

              Check into Newsroom Cafe and Real Food Daily too.

              1. For me personally, this is a futile exercise. IMHO, cakes are meant to be lavish, decadent, and full of all those ingredients that nutritionists wave their fingers at you for. I say go for your favorite cake from your favorite place, and just watch your portions. It may help you if you order a cake that is smaller in size, which will force you to be honest, and you could supplement this on the side with some nice fresh fruits - if the frost from a couple of weeks ago didn't wipe it out - tossed in some Grand Marnier or Framboise liquer.