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Jan 25, 2007 08:16 PM

New Afghan joint in Des Moines

Anyone in the Des Moines area try the new Afghani place in Beaverdale yet? It's where India Star used to be, next to Cooney's. Hoping it's good.

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  1. I went there for lunch today. I don't have time for an in-depth review but I did enjoy the visit. It appears that they only offer a buffet for lunch and have a menu for dinner. I'm not familiar with the cuisine but it was very similar to Indian. If I get a chance I'll write more later.

    1. Haven't been, but yesterday's paper says they will serve traditional Afgan foods, lamb, shrimp, chicken kebabs, curry etc.
      No alcohol for now.
      My most recent find is the Bosnian Grill on Merle Hay and Urbandale. They make a Gyro on grilled Bosnian bread that is full of nicely spiced meat and big enough for 2 meals. $4.99 it's one of Des Moines best sandwich deals. I'm looking forward to trying some of the other things on the menu.

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        <i>they will serve traditional Afgan foods, lamb, shrimp...</i>

        Screech.... back up. SHRIMP is a traditional Afghan food? Umm... is my world map wrong? Isn't that a landlocked country?

        1. re: dougrw

          I'm giving you what the local paper said. I would not profess to know Afghan food.

      2. Bosnian Grill sounds good. I've been by there several times but never eaten there. Used to Silvestrini's.

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          Bosnian Grill is on the southwest corner.
          Let me know what you think if you try em.

        2. Give me addresses, please! I'm going to be going through Des Moines on my way to & from a meeting this coming week and just might check these places out. But I'm not as familiar with Des Moines as I could be, so need a little more information.

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          1. re: revsharkie

            A little more information? Me too. You tell me what you are looking for, and I'll tell you where to find it.

          2. Rev,

            The place is on Beaver Avenue just south of Douglas on the west side of the road. Very small so you might miss it easily. It's called Aryana. bobfrmia might have a different opinion but I am also a fan of El Aguila Real for good, inexpensive and fast Mexican in a nice decor. We have a pretty good restaurant scene in Des Moines, I think. At least it's improved greatly from the time I moved here 16 years ago.

            Star Bar on Ingersoll is good. I just at at the other Tapa bar in town last week. It's called the Continental and it's in the East Village, which is just east of downtown and in the western shadows of the State Capitol. Lucca's is also very good. Continental seemed a little pricey to me (plates were between $5 and $10 and not all that generous of servings.) Mondo's seems to be the place everyone goes to these days downtown. I like it but don't love it. If you are on an expense account you might try 801 Steak and Chop. I love the Steak Del Monico; it's always perfectly prepared. The service is good there. Everything is ala carte and so it is VERY expensive. There's a newish Tapas place in the suburbs that gets great reviews but I am NOT a suburb type of person so I've never been. Waveland on University has pretty good breakfast. I also like Michaels on Beaver for biscuits and gravy. I also think they have the second best tenderloin in Des Moines.

            My web site ( has a little bit about the food scene in Iowa. E-mail if you have morequestons. Sorry if I told you more than you want to know. Looking forward to Bob's response since I think he knows a lot more about Des Moines food than me. Wish I could get him to write for my website.


            Jay Wagner

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            1. re: jwagnerdsm

              Michael's has the 2nd best tenderloin in Des Moines?
              Who tops your list?
              El Aguila Real is ok. Haven't been for a few years. I prefer El Rodeo's Chile Colorado. Can't seem to get away from it when looking for Mexican. There is a mexican grocery strore on E. 14th a couple blocks south of Euclid. When the weather is warmer they set up a tent outside and cook pork to either buy by the pound, or they'll make you tacos. A buck each, and the meat is fantastic. Try it this Spring.
              My knowledge of the Des Moines food scene is not nearly as extensive as you may think. There has been so little participation from Des Moines, that I get asked a lot of questions. I try my best to answer them, but I rely on friends I trust for a lot of info. Truth be told, I don't eat out that often, mainly because I love to cook. When I do go out, I'm more of a bar and grill guy. Given the choice between Tapas at the Continental, or a Tenderloin from Michaels, it'll be the tenderloin 9 out of 10 times.
              I avoid chains at all cost, although I got a gift card for Biaggi's so I'll try it out.
              One of my favorite meals is an F&O's combo and onion rings from Felix and Oscars. Don't care much for the pizza, but the sandwich is one of the best in Des Moines, imo.
              Best sandwich deal in Des Moines? Gotta be the Sausage sandwich from Kelly's Little Nipper on e.17th And Grand. A true dive bar they put a full 1 lb slab of Grazianos Italian sausage on a 1/2 loaf of Rotellas bread, smother it in cheese, sauce, and hot peppers, for about $5.50. That's the kind of find that makes me happy.
              My son just had dinner at Chefs Corner Kitchen on Beaver and Franklin. Said he had a fantastic Steak De Burgo. I trust his taste, after all, he likes my cooking.

              1. re: Bobfrmia

                I haven't found the best tenderloin,yet. But I know it's out there. I think the Library is awfully good, especially the wings and the tenderloins (both breaded and w/o). I am also a big Chef's fan. I love the hash browns and the smoked prime rib, a trick I stick haven't figured out.

                1. re: jwagnerdsm

                  Tenderloin? Did someone say "Tenderloin"? I'm a fan of the sandwich at the House of Bricks in the East Village. For a bar the place has remarkably good food.