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What's good between downtown Toronto and Oshawa?

Every now and then, I have to go to Oshawa for family reasons. It's rare that I drive, so when I do, I'd LOVE to find something worth eating on the way.

So far I've collected these recs from the CH archives:

- Bakeries: Celestin at 623 Mount Pleasant below Eglinton, or Jules a few doors south.
- For breakfast; Chai at 1575 Bayview, McForley's at 1544 Bayview, Originals Saloon at 1660 Bayview, Rosies Kitchen at 1549 Bayview - all roughly at Eglinton
- Johnny'’s Hamburgers - 2595 Victoria Park Avenue, just north of the 401 at Sheppard in Scarborough
- High Street Fish & Chips - 55 Underhill Drive (DVP & Lawrence) - in the strip mall on the east side of Underhill north of Lawrence
- Island Foods, 1310 Don Mills Road, North York (east of DVP, north of Lawrence)
- Warden & Steeles plaza with the T&T supermarket and food court
- Pacific Mall / Market Village at Steeles and Kennedy - espy Shark Fin City
- Jasper Fish & Chips - 1794 Liverpool Road, Pickering - just north of the 401 near Pickering Town Centre

Please help with more, or critique/refine these. TIA :-)

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  1. The highway.

    Hehe - sorry, couldn't resist.

    1. Mainly Cheese - 989 Westney Road S at Harwood Ave in Ajax, great for Schnitzels, Cabbage Rolls prepared salads and deli sandwiches.
      Texas Burger - 21 Harwood Ave. in Ajax for burgers, steak on a bun, shishkebab and peameal bacon sandwiches
      Hot Rocks Creative Diner - 728 Anderson St in Whitby

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        I have to agree with the Mainly Cheese rec. Excellent Schnitzel! I used to love going there in high school and I haven't been in years but I am sure they are still really good.

        Star Burger at 900 Brock N in Whitby is pretty good too. Go for their homestyle burgers. A bit more but worth it.

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          Oh one more. Sam Woo BBQ in Bamburgh Plaza just south of Warden & Steeles. Excellent bbq!

      2. Samosa King at Finch and Middlefield.

        It is worth leaving the highway to pick up their amazing samosas at 5 for $1. When I go, I usually buy enough with the intent of stocking the freezer, but so far not one has lasted that long. Don't be dismayed by the sometimes longish line-up, it moves fast. They are warm and fresh, and I usually don't make it out of the parking lot before I've had 1 or 2.

        Mmmmm, Now that I think of it, I think I'll be stopping there today.

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        1. In Pickering, the Breadhouse Bakery, West Shore at Bayly St., (one block east of White's Rd.) is worth a side trip for superb breads, pastries and cakes. There is take out pizza, pot pie, and sausage rolls, all good. The breads and rolls seem to stay fresh for two days. The proprietor had to rebuild his business slowly after a roofing crew caused a fire, so they don't really have extended hours (basically 10-6).

          1. Nice Bistro in Whitby!!!! Check out their website - - http://www.nicebistro.com/

            1. I have to disagree with zoohort2.. I have dined a couple of times at Nice Bistro in Whitby and would never go back due to rude service, and mediocre, at best, meals. I have however eaten at Teddy's at Park and King in Oshawa a few dozen times and the food is always good - try the spaghetti with Spanish Sauce - not on the menu, but they will glady make it for you. It's perfectly cooked (every time) pasta and a very tasty homemade liquidy yet very flavorful tomato sauce with giant chunks of peppers, onions and mushrooms - so tasty! Served with a salad with Teddy's garlickly dressing and a fresh (often warm) pumpernickle stick and it's like 9 bucks all in! And a huge portion. People also love their corned beef. For the money, you can't beat it. I'll even pay for your full meal if you don't love the food. End with a homemade coconut cream pie - fresh whipped cream, toasted coconut.. always perfect. Enjoy .. it's not always fun heading out to the Scwah!

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              1. re: Derek

                About Teddy's. Do they have much on their menu for someone who can't eat wheat? I'm asking because it's on the "possible list" for an evening next week when I'll be in Oshawa, but one of my dining companions is celiac. If it's all sandwiches and pasta, it's not going to work.

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                  Is Teddy's still a good place to go? This review was from 2007. I live in Scarborough, but will drive for good diner food.

                  1. re: red dragon

                    personally, Ill always love Teddys. Maybe its just a nostalgia thing (I grew up down the street) but its really such great value for what you get. Just make sure to get there really really early if you dont want to spend an hour or two waiting.

                2. My mom always raves about Teddy's- she's always taking people there (like me).

                  If you can please my Mom, that's pretty damn good.....

                  1. Spigot, you have listed Jasper Fish and Chips but I have found them too busy, and somewhat pricey for a mediocre last visit. They had the nerve to serve 4 strips of halibut, 3 of them grossly overcooked.

                    For my weekly fish and chips take out, I now go to Malt 'n Salt, at Oklahoma by White's Road.(Two blocks south of 401). The fish is great, and they specialise in Haddock, which I like, at the price. Chips are good too, and the service is quick and friendly, as I would expect from a newcomer trying to be better.

                    1. Hi. I live in Durham, and when I get the chance I visit one of two places in Whitby when looking for a decent meal. If you are in the mood for a great family run greasy spoon, Starr Burger on Brock Rd and Starr Avenue has the best burgers I have ever tasted. Their homestyle burgers are home made and you have a nice selection of toppings. The fries are good as well. If you are looking for a more family style/refined restarant, head slightly North on Brock and go to Krebs Restaurant. A great salad bar, and a good selection of fish, Chicken,beef etc. I recommend the lime glazed Salmon. Anyways, both are reasonablr priced. I hope this helps (and if you have a Starr burger, let me knw what you think!).

                      1. Is Teddy's in Oshawa open on Sundays? Does anybody know their hours of operation? Thanks! We may just give it a try!

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                          I don tknow their hours exactly, but i DO know they're open on sundays. I wsa recently there on a sunday night before coming back to toronto.. and I should warn you, we got there frighteningly early for an early dinner at 4:30, and the place was already full. Luckily it seems there might have been one or two tables left, and when we sat down , within 15 minutes that notorious line had started. When we left probably 45 min later (since service is so amazingly fast), the line up was out the door as usual.
                          So just be warned, even if you go on a sunday, its always busy (but turn over is fairly fast)

                        2. Thanks! I think that we will give it a shot. Ted's sounds like a great place to go before a Generals game!

                          1. If you're into fish and chips I'd suggest Highland Fish & Chips at Conlins and Ellesmere. I usually order the cod or the haddock and chips because my old favourite, the halibut has skyrocketed in price at Highland over the last few years. The Halibut is always the best but I can't allow myself to pay over $7 for an order of takeout fish and chips. Serving sizes are fair and the chips are hand cut. They are not open Sundays.

                            The Port Union Bakery at Port Union and Lawson makes a fine pork or chicken empanada. They are Filipino style and have a sweet saltiness to them (they have raisins baked with the meat). I usually pick up a dozen (6+6) when I go. They also have make good jelly/cream filled donut. The Boston creams or jelly filled donuts are actually sliced in half and then smeared with a generous helping of filling (no eating 3/4 of the donut to find the filling here) and then placed back together. You have to get there early because they always seem to sell out of the Boston creams.

                            For a burger try out Shamrock Burgers On Old Kingston Rd for one of their Home Made burgers, their regular burgers are generic patties but their HomeBurgers are much better. If your arteries can handle it try their home made onion rings, they are not lightly battered to say the least. Five or six is all I can handle until I've had my fill....

                            I hesitate to mention the Black Dog Pub on Island Rd because of some rude service I have had there over the years. They do make some pretty good food. I just can't get over their pretentious attitudes, you'd think they were doing you a favour letting you eat in their establishment sometimes. I haven't been in a couple of years because of the aforementioned air of superiority but I can't say the food I've eaten there was ever lacking. You're a pub, get over it! ;)

                            Dihanna's Island Food at Morningside and Sheppard has good jerk chicken (at least to me) it is very flavourful without being overly spicy. She has a lunch special from noon - two o'clock for $2.99 which consists of jerk chicken and rice and peas. It's served in a small styrofoam container packed full of chicken and rice. I had that lunch special many times of the years..... Fridays she does a lot more fish recipes (at least in the past) and takes pride in her food. Her jerk pork is usually on the dry side so I have steered clear of that for the most part...

                            I love the jerk pork sandwich at Nun Such Jerk at Kennedy & Lawrence. It's made from pork loin and therefore is very moist and tender. Made with plantains and stacked with a generous helping of pork on Allan's coco bread, it's the perfect combo of saltiness and sweetness rolled into one satisfying sandwich. The spice is again flavourful without being overly spicy, My mouth is watering thinking about it.

                            Occasions at Gerrard and Coxwell is a little joint that at first glance makes you say "Restaurant Makeover, Where Are You??" But every time I have eaten there, I have left satisfied. It's sort of a run down looking family restaurant where the food is more important than decor. I have had hamburgers, souvlaki, fish and chips, steak, hot beef sandwiches, all served with a smile. It's a good place to get a solid, tasty, meal where you don't have to drop a pile of cash to do so. It's out of the way for me, but when I visit my brother it's tops on my list of places to grab a bite.

                            Farhat Restaurant at Lawrence & Warden is a good choice for Shawarma. I tried it on the recommendation of a few of the people here and wasn't impressed because of the stale look to their vegetable toppings. I tried it again recently and was more impressed, the veggies looked and tasted fresh. Two wraps are $6 and will fill the larger eaters no problem. The chicken and beef shawarma are both very tasty and distinctive in flavour. The lineups can be daunting at times so be prepared to wait a little while the wraps ahead of yours toast.

                            1. The Red House Thai & Malaysian in the plaza on the south east corner of Kingston Road and White's - the spicy Thai short ribs are spectacular. You have to try the deep fried bananas for dessert, with mango or coconut ice cream.....mmmm!

                              Also in the same plaza is a Belgium bakery - not sure of it's name - owned by this guy named Bruno who's nearly always there. The quiches are excellent as is the bread.

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                                The Red House Thai is really terrible.... same sauce for every dish! I didn't know green curry chicken is suppose to be red! Unfortunately there is no Authentic Thai restaurants outside of Toronto, just a bunch of chinese restaurant owners putting up signs saying they are a Thai restaurant for a quick buck... shame on them. ADVICE: If the owner and cook are not thai steer clear!

                              2. I was disappointed with Belgian Bistro breads, somewhat pricey and dense.Just across the overpass the Breadhouse has well raised loaves for less.

                                1. Thai Garden - 235 Bayly Street West, Ajax

                                  Quite possibly the best hot and sour soup I've ever had, and the coconut rice is excellent. Excellent green chicken curry or veggie tofu curry, and the eggplant with basil is also a favourite (never mushy!). Very reasonable prices, friendly service.

                                  I went into Mainly Cheese about two years ago and left without buying anything. I found the staff to be rude and obviously not in need of my money. I've heard good things about them again and again, so maybe I'll give them another shot - two years is a long time to hold a grudge.

                                  1. Jody's Montreal Style Deli Sandwiches, 66 Kingston Rd at Queen St E.
                                    The sandwiches melt in your mouth.

                                    1. There's a sushi place in Pickering called Kobu. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you the exact location, but here's the telephone number 416.410.7874 - it's in a strip mall. The quality of the food is fantastic.

                                      1. Relatively new to Oshawa... I hesitate to give out my little gem, but... EUROCHEF on King St. one block east of Simcoe (north side). Awesome food, HUGE portions, it is my only choice for dining now. I used to go to Teddy's, but found it to be "same old, same old"... not to mention it's just too busy. I liked it better 10-15 years ago when it was just a wee place.
                                        Can anybody recommend a great Greek restaurant on the Danforth for me? I just have to check one out. Imagine a Toronto girl never having that experience! Shocking.

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                                        1. re: kikiboo43

                                          Mezes 456 Danforth Ave., Toronto (416) 778-5150


                                          Myth 417 Danforth Ave., Toronto (416) 461-8383

                                        2. Shamrock Burgers


                                          This place rivals Johnny's, and Starr Burger.

                                          1. Oh, and the Brick St. Bakery in the distillery district. Try the Boxing Day sandwich, or the lamb sandwich (not the wrap).