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Jan 25, 2007 08:06 PM

What's good between downtown Toronto and Oshawa?

Every now and then, I have to go to Oshawa for family reasons. It's rare that I drive, so when I do, I'd LOVE to find something worth eating on the way.

So far I've collected these recs from the CH archives:

- Bakeries: Celestin at 623 Mount Pleasant below Eglinton, or Jules a few doors south.
- For breakfast; Chai at 1575 Bayview, McForley's at 1544 Bayview, Originals Saloon at 1660 Bayview, Rosies Kitchen at 1549 Bayview - all roughly at Eglinton
- Johnny'’s Hamburgers - 2595 Victoria Park Avenue, just north of the 401 at Sheppard in Scarborough
- High Street Fish & Chips - 55 Underhill Drive (DVP & Lawrence) - in the strip mall on the east side of Underhill north of Lawrence
- Island Foods, 1310 Don Mills Road, North York (east of DVP, north of Lawrence)
- Warden & Steeles plaza with the T&T supermarket and food court
- Pacific Mall / Market Village at Steeles and Kennedy - espy Shark Fin City
- Jasper Fish & Chips - 1794 Liverpool Road, Pickering - just north of the 401 near Pickering Town Centre

Please help with more, or critique/refine these. TIA :-)

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  1. The highway.

    Hehe - sorry, couldn't resist.

    1. Mainly Cheese - 989 Westney Road S at Harwood Ave in Ajax, great for Schnitzels, Cabbage Rolls prepared salads and deli sandwiches.
      Texas Burger - 21 Harwood Ave. in Ajax for burgers, steak on a bun, shishkebab and peameal bacon sandwiches
      Hot Rocks Creative Diner - 728 Anderson St in Whitby

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      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        I have to agree with the Mainly Cheese rec. Excellent Schnitzel! I used to love going there in high school and I haven't been in years but I am sure they are still really good.

        Star Burger at 900 Brock N in Whitby is pretty good too. Go for their homestyle burgers. A bit more but worth it.

        1. re: Otonabee

          Oh one more. Sam Woo BBQ in Bamburgh Plaza just south of Warden & Steeles. Excellent bbq!

      2. Samosa King at Finch and Middlefield.

        It is worth leaving the highway to pick up their amazing samosas at 5 for $1. When I go, I usually buy enough with the intent of stocking the freezer, but so far not one has lasted that long. Don't be dismayed by the sometimes longish line-up, it moves fast. They are warm and fresh, and I usually don't make it out of the parking lot before I've had 1 or 2.

        Mmmmm, Now that I think of it, I think I'll be stopping there today.

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        1. In Pickering, the Breadhouse Bakery, West Shore at Bayly St., (one block east of White's Rd.) is worth a side trip for superb breads, pastries and cakes. There is take out pizza, pot pie, and sausage rolls, all good. The breads and rolls seem to stay fresh for two days. The proprietor had to rebuild his business slowly after a roofing crew caused a fire, so they don't really have extended hours (basically 10-6).

          1. Nice Bistro in Whitby!!!! Check out their website - -