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Jan 25, 2007 08:06 PM

Texas girl needs some ideas here!

Hey y'all...heading up to Seattle in about a month for a couple of days and want some suggestions for great local restaurants that maybe I haven't tried before. I'm from Texas where I haven't seen a fresh piece of fish in 9 years, so seafood would be awesome. Any ideas? Asian, fusion, straight up fish joint, Italian, Martian...who cares! As long as it's local and good! Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't live in Seattle so I can't help too much but you shouldn't have a problem getting seafood at any decent restaurant. Have fun, it's a cool city.

    1. Yeah, I've been many times, but I am always convinced that I'm missing something! Thanks!

      1. Piggygirl, I just got back from visiting Dallas where I enjoyed some of your great BBQ and Tex-Mex. Here's what we do well:
        1. Mussels: The Mussels at Maximillien's at the Market are some of the best you'll find anywhere. Fresh from Whidby Island, you'll fall in love. The upstairs bar is more rustic and less formal with great views.
        2. Crab: The Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Pepper is a Seattle classic. (The crab at the Ho Ho Seafood restaurant is very good too.)
        3. The deepfried avacado at 94 Stewart Street is then covered with crab. An appetizer worth a special trip for.
        4. Fish and chips at Sun Fish in West Seattle.
        5. While not Seafood, try the thin classic Italian Pizza's at Serious Pie. (Tutta Bella offers some close competition.)
        6. Salumi during the week for lunch. (Tues-Fri)

        Stay away from our BBQ places and you'll have a great trip. Write back and let us know what you enjoyed.

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          I love Walter's list and I'll add the grilled salmon sandwiches and clam chowder at the Market Grill (in the Pike Place Market). There are also very good chowders and seafood bisques at Pike Place Chowder.

          1. re: christy319

            Ive heard this place is good never been there.For dessert or breakfast Pike Place Bakery is good.Uwajimyas has an awesome food court and selection.I get my duck there,always consistent,only $7.50 for half duck vegis and rice with orange sauce.My choices aren't really gourmet but you get the Seattle thing at a cheap price there both very popular.
            Don't forget to try chinatown some great places there.

          2. re: Walters

            Fabulous advice, Walters.
            I will add a few of this native's favorites:
            Have a cup of Cioppino at the takeout counter at Jack's Fish Spot, across the street from Maximilien (though Maximilien is a must). Get the crab cocktail (Dungeness, don'tcha know), too. Maybe even venture a dozen fresh shucked oysters (for a more suave presentation, go to Elliott's Oyster-Happy-Hour, just down the hillclimb).
            Oysters and chips at Pacific Inn, on Stone Way in Fremont/Wallingford.
            If the passenger ferry is running to West Settle from downtown, definitely plan to ride it (and the free shuttle) to Sunfish (I like the halibut and chips).
            TU-FR, go to Salumi LATE (2:00++, but they close at 4) to get a seat. Since the buses are free downtown, you can ride down there (2nd & Jackson), check the specials, and ask them to save a serving for you (you may find it easier to go call from a phone booth than leapfrogging the line). Don't get me wrong, the salumi are top-drawer, but the specials are paeson, baby...
            --> while denizens of this board have a great time heaping contumely on local BBQ, I believe we would all be in your debt if you tried a few of our contenders and gave us some real TX opinion. Of especial interest: Jones (ribs), Pecos Pit (pulled pork sandwich). Just think - you could tell your friends you spent your trip to Seattle eating amateur Texas food and educating the natives...
            Not far from Salumi is Kau Kau, where you can get chinese BBQ to go, real cheap and quite fun. While you're there, goto Gossip tea, 651 S King, and have some bubble tea. It's a trip. Get the avocado, or others made with fresh fruit. Of course, see Uwajimaya (but avoid the food-court) and try to get to Big John's PFI, just so you can show off for your local friends.
            While you're in the neighborhood, go to Green Leaf for good Vietnamese (get Bahn Xiao).
            And please do write back.

            1. re: mrnelso

              FYI - Green Leaf is closed until March 1 for vacation.

          3. Sablefish (black cod) is a regional specialty-- one good place to get some is at Nishino (on Madison and 32nd), where you should also get some seared o-toro sushi and some of their Nobu fusion-style dishes (get half orders of the sashimi salad (request salmon belly instead of tuna) and new-style sashimi (request yellowtail instead of whitefish) while you're at it, and maybe some baked creamy spicy crab or a spider roll (don't forget the spicy mayo), washed down with some chilled Okunomatsu sake). For ITalian, go to Barolo (at Westlake and Virginia, across from the McDonalds) for the osso buco, carpaccio, etc. Drinks at Vessel bar (ask for the Marmalade Sour, Orange Viola or Vessel 75, with some $2 happy hour shrimp cakes)

            1. Piggygirl, In Texas, Sushi may not be one of your favorite food options. Here in Seattle, it should be on your short list. (And we're not talking California rolls here.) I second Barleywino's recommendation for Nishino. I also enjoy Shiro's at 2nd & Bell. They each have their own style and both are creative with fish. Work with the sushi chefs and ask for their recommendation rather than ordering from the traditional menu. You'll be in for some amazing flavor treats. At humble Hing Loon in the International District, try their Shrimp Won Ton Soup and their Salt-Pepper ribs. (The atmosphere is the same as your 5th grade lunchroom, but the food is excellent.)