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Jan 25, 2007 07:59 PM

Restaurants near Royal York Hotel?

My friends are staying at the Royal York hotel for the weekend and I was trying to think of restaurants in the area but I haven't been down near Front St. in ages.

We're looking for either Japanese, Thai, or Indian restaurants within a decent walking distance. Any good suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. There is a Benihana in the Royal York but don't go there. Take Sushi ("tah-keh") at Yonge and Front is good. For Indian, there is Kama on Front but it's not good. The closest good one is Trimurti on Queen, west of University (could be too far to walk in this weather!)

    1. Just remembered Golden Thai, at Church and Richmond.

      Anyone has suggestions for the St. Lawrence Market area for Thai or Indian?

      1. Hiro Sushi on King (east of Church) is good but expensive. Take sushi was ok, but I prefer Hiro and its much more unique. Benihina is expensive for what you get.
        Not Japanese or Indian, but fantastic is Jamie Kennedy Wine bar
        Golden Thai is fantastic near the St. Lawrence Market area.
        There's this Indian restaurant on Jarvis, but I don't think its good and the choices for indian food is a bit slack in that neck of the woods.

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          Oooo, right, Bombay Palace on Jarvis - not very good (old and dark and food wasn't great).