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Do any foods taste good after you brush your teeth?

Orange juice = BIG NO. That one I know for sure.

Anybody have any positive chowing experiences post-toothbrushing? I am madly curious.

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  1. Gum? I guess that doesn't really count as chowing htough

    1. peppermints taste Fantastic!

      1. Choose your toothpaste wisely. But then some people brush their teeth so that they won't eat anything for a while..in that case, stay with those big mint flavors.

        1. When I used to use peppermint toothpaste, I used to rinse with Kamchatka vodka for what I called the poor-man's schnapps...

          Now that I am on the wagon (for a couple weeks until my temp P.O. goes on vacation), I use cherry-flavored toothpaste, so sometimes I rinse with Coke for a tasty cherry-coke vibe.


          1. Well, hello! Most of us brush our teeth when we're finished eating for awhile, not before a meal. Do you actually brush your teeth before eating?

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              When I wake up and shower, I always brush my teeth at the same time. And then I go downstairs to eat breakfast before I run out of the house. Hence the quandary =).

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                Yeah, the idea of eating something after waking up in the morning without brushing your teeth really grosses me out. I'd rather deal with the first couple of bites of gross food than not brushing my teeth.

                Aside from mint, I also like to drink water after I brush my teeth. Gives it a nice minty zing.

            2. I brush twice a day like the dentist tells me I should...but I don't let it get in the way of my meals, no. If I have time to brush just before lunch...so be it. Sometimes I don't have time to brush after dinner - too sleepy - so I just rinse with something astringent & cleansing like Kamchatka or Coca-cola


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                Coca-cola, ey? I'll have to buy a can so I can try that one! I kind of like the perversity of rinsing with a sugary beverage!

              2. Elgydium toothpaste is one of a few brands out there that doesn't clash disgustingly with food.

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                  Elgydium is great, but hard to get outside of NY...and sometimes, inside of NY, too.

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                    HLing, where precisely have you seen Elgydium toothpaste in NY?

                2. Nothing tastes good after toothpaste to me, which is why I brush my teeth last thing before I go to bed so I don't have to taste anything!

                  1. Coffee.

                    Well, after mint mouthwash, or even after an Altoid, its good.......

                      1. I used to look forward to my bowl of frosted mini wheats each morning after I brushed my teeth because the mint after taste combined with the frosting and cold milk reminded me of mint ice cream.

                        Weird, I know.

                        1. I've discovered that the super-pulpy orange juice doesn't taste quite as nasty after brushing as the pulp-free kind. I don't know why, that's just the way it is.

                          1. I've found that brushing with bicarbonate of soda powder has no effect (or nearly no effect) on the taste of food and beverages afterward. It also keeps the breath smelling fresh much longer than the standard commercial toothpastes. Plus, it's a lot less expensive than toothpaste and has a mild natural whitening effect. The only major downside is that it does not contain fluoride - but I'm not sure how important fluoridated toothpaste is for cavity prevention in adults, particularly those living in areas with a fluoridated water supply.

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                              That's what I do.

                              I have a fluoridated water supply and have begun brushing with baking soda instead of artificially flavored toothpastes.

                              Like it much better.

                            2. Oreo cookies. Tastes like a thin mint cookie for the first couple bites :)

                              1. thin mint girl scout cookies. but it sort of defeats the purpose of having brushed your teeth

                                1. I use cinnamon toothpaste in the morning so it won't interfere with the coffee.

                                  1. Cold apples, We would brush our teeth just before we ate it chilled. In the 70's apples was few and far between in the West Indies, so when we were able to buy them my mother would put them in the fridge and ration them out while we watched the one and only channel on TV.

                                    1. A banana is the solution to your problem! The perfect morning transition food for early brushers.

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                                          Wait a minute...Guinness ALWAYS tastes good!!!!

                                        2. Whiskey! Whiskey and toothpaste do not mix. Danger Will Robinson!