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Jan 25, 2007 07:34 PM


Any great dining adventures downtown?

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  1. In Little Tokyo: Takumi, Sushi Gen, Izayoi and Giggle Giggle (new Korean BBQ in the Weller court)

    1. Ciudad
      McCormick's for happy hour (super fried portabello mushroom for $2 or something like that)

      1. Yes.

        I've never been to Water Grill but it is often claimed to be among the best restaurants in the city.

        I've been to and recommend:

        Kappo Ishito (especially)
        Haru Ulala
        Sushi Go 55
        Cole's Pacific Electric Buffet [Full bar!]

        Clifton's Cafeteria is interesting, inexpensive, and the food is not bad.

        Good luck.

        1. shabu shabu house
          water grill isn't what it once was, but still serves a mean crabcake
          additional votes for sushi go 55 and daikokuya
          yang chow (chinatown)
          blossom vietnamese

          1. I'm assuming you only want "adventures" and not a list of the old standby's:

            626 Reserve - on 626 Spring St. really a wine bar, but suprisingly good food. The neighborhood is definitely an adventure.