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Jan 25, 2007 07:31 PM

Near Alta Loma...Help!

Getting married in the fall and need a place for rehearsal dinner - about 30 people. Went to the Sycamore Inn and was NOT impressed.
**Good Food vital
**Spending $$$$$ is NOT desirable.
**Prefer family oriented as we have many children participating.
Anyone out there have any suggestions. Claremont, and environs ok, too.

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  1. Seeing as how your post is a few months old, maybe you've found a place already. Regardless, I'm sure you already know how hard it is to find good food near Alta Loma. Some places to check into, if you're still looking, are:
    *Le Bellisimo in Rancho Cucamonga Very good food.
    *Saffron's in Rancho Cucamonga This is a catering place with a nice set-up in the lovely Guasti Mansion and delicious food. You can book the place for a private event.
    *Euro Cafe in Claremont This is a small, family-owned cafe with great food (including some tasty Portuguese specialties) that can be booked for private events on Sundays.
    I do not know the cost factor involved in any of these. I haven't been to Le Bellisimo in a while, but I know it used to have a play area for kids. They are so popular that perhaps that space has been given over to tables now.
    Good luck!