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Natas Pastries - Sherman Oaks

I just ate three of the best pastries I've ever had! I've noticed the place for several months, but today was the first time I stopped. Natas are a famous kind of Portugese pastries. Absolutely delicious! All I can say is that I'm sorry the place is so close to where I live because it will be all I can think about from now on. Here's the link for anyone interested:

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  1. Funny - i always see it when i drive home and wonder if it's good. What did you have?

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      The woman who waited on us was charming, pretty, and very helpful. I wondered if she was the owner. She told us we should try a nata. It's a flaky pastry with custard in it. We each bought one. Got another with whipped cream and nuts, really can't describe it but, oh, was it good! I also had a cookie with chocolate in it. It was out of the world, too. These were not like any pastries I've ever seen. It's a tiny place. I'm surprised there wasn't a long line out of the door. Try it!

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        It is in that awful mini-mall immediately west of Casa Vega, and definitely provides the finest dining on that block. Finding it, however, requires a bit of looking to the rear of the property. Food is quite good, yet sort of out of sight and out of mind, unless truly focused on it specifically when out shopping for your morning coffee, etc. Forget the Pain Quotidien or its Italian version just east of it in Studio City. This is much better.

    2. Have you tried their 'traditional' fruit cake? Haven't had that since I was a child.
      Am heading over there soon!!


      1. Everything we've had there has been delicious. The natas in particular are amazing and unlike most of the european pastry in L.A.

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          If this were a Chinese bakery, I'd say that their Natas were the best Dan Tat, (Egg Tarts), that I've ever had, possibly better than those of the venerable Golden Gate Bakery in San Francisco's Chinatown!!! Everything that I've sampled is really good here.

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            Seriously good Egg Tarts. Second only to the famous Stowe's Egg Tarts on the island of Macau. If you are gong for the traditional...catch her before she sprinkles the cinnamon on top.

            They are absolutely mouth watering!

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              Well Stowe's Egg Tarts will have to go on my list of places to try before I die, but I'm not planning any trips to Macau any time soon! We went to Nata's this afternoon and the Nata's were absolutely world-class wonderful! The lady who served us asked if we wanted powered sugar and cinnamon and my son did shake his head no. They are one of the simplest and most plain looking sweets in their display but are still the best item that I've tried there!!!

              OK, I'll calm down now!

        2. It for sure worth a visit, a little gem in the Oaks.

            1. I actually did a tasting event there for my dining group. I haven't had a chance yet to write up my review, but until then, take a look at the pics below:



              1. I just viewed Natas' website - they truly know how to whet one's appetite... if this bakery's products are half as good as they look, they've got a friend in me! Thanks for the posting.

                1. It truly is a gem -- and I, too, am shocked that there aren't Porto's-style lines out the door. Their pastries are incredibly good -- and the "chocolate custard danish" gets me every time.

                  I've still never had the pasteis de bacalhau, they're ALWAYS out when I go.

                  1. Just had my tast of Natas and it was wonderful, they even have samples of 3 different desserts to try. I ordered the traditional Natas which did remind me of a stuffed creme brulee as well as a brownie.

                    The devil made me do it and brought out that sweet tooth.


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                      I keep hoping, I DID go back, and I by for my husband. Sadly, none of the samples are ever from nut free items, so I never get to taste. I ask over and over and they never put out nut free stuff.

                    2. Ditto Hypnotic23 - natas w/ chocolate OMG....delicious.

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                        Heard the review on NPR's Good Food today and after hearing all the buzz here, I finally decided to check this place out. The Natas were good and they're better than the ones I've had in Toronto where there's a large Brazilian?Portuguese? population. (Anyone know if the dim sum dan ta came from the natas?)

                        I tried the savory items since the Good Food review talked about them and wow! The crab cakes (Rissous) were croquette-like with a nice creamy, herby, tomatoe and crab filing. The croquettes were good too and the croquettes are meatballs with a nice cumin flavor dipped in breadcrubs and then deep fried. The cod cakes were not as amazing as the first two items, but still worth a try. The savory items were a surprise and I'm already thinking about eating those crab cakes again soon.

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                          I too had heard the Good Food spot while I was driving home from Culver City....big detour back to Glendale...but a friend called to meet at the Weiner Factory so I figured we'd need dessert.
                          I bought 4 of the sweeet pastaries...golly! So Good! have eaten 2 so far and took a small bit of the other 2.
                          I guess after the chili cheese dog I had forgotten about the savory goodies mentioned on the show but I also don't recall see any of them in the display case? Am I mistaken?
                          Anyway, the sweets were wonderful so I can't wait to get to that side of town again to try the crab/cod cakes and croquettes.
                          Thanks for the reminder of the savory bits, misseatalot.

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                            I almost missed the savories too and they are behind the counter in a hot glass case warmer!

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                            Yes, daan taat originated as natas... in fact, Macau-style daan taat are almost identical to the Portuguese nata.

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                              Thanks for mentioning that Natas was on "Good Food." I don't know how many others listened to their spot, but for those that did, Natas is now a destination when in the SF valley...

                          3. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and two of her friends were RAVING about this place. They go all the time and have nothing but good things to say about it. Will have to stop by next time I am in the valley!