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Jan 25, 2007 06:31 PM

Da Bears in Orange County

I'll be in the OC for Super Bowl weekend. Being a fan of Da Bears, I'm looking for a bar/restaurant that will have the Super Bowl on the screen and some Bears fans in the joint.

Please, help me out! Where can a guy from Chicago see the Super Bowl in Orange County?

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  1. Well, I FINALLY visited a recommended place from RSMBob (thanks, man) in Placentia off 57/Yorba Linda with some insanely good stuffed pizza called Tony's Little Italy Pizza. I went on Sunday, and as you can imagine, it was crawling with Bears fans. Not a big joint (pretty darn small, actually) but there were a few flat screens and lots of chatter. Oh, and the pizza is divine.

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      Hey, glad you enjoyed! Tony's is a pretty special place IMO and we are lucky to have it here in SoCal.

      As for Bears places, I don't know of many. Seems like Chammps at the Irvine Spectrum usually has a good gathering. Of course, thre are numerous sports bars around OC (including Dailey's right here in RSM).

      As for "Chicago food" for the game, in addition to Tony's, there is of course, Portillo's. I E-Mailed the guys at Chicago's Best in Irvine as well to see if they will be open (normally closed on Sat-Sun) and will let you know if I hear back. Wherever you watch the game, you gotta have the right food!

    2. Chronic Cantina in Costa Mesa (Triangle Square)

      Fox Sports in Irvine (Irvine Spectrum)

      Rudy's in Newport Beach (pennisula)

      Corner Office in Costa Mesa (projection screens, which aren't fabulous, but there are a million of them and the place is pretty big)

      Classic Q's in Newport Beach (close to John Wayne Airport)