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Jan 25, 2007 06:23 PM

Salt Lake City - Exceptional or Unique?

I'm from Los Angeles, live in New Orleans, and have traveled extensively. I'll be in SLC for about a week or so - is there any food that is truely exceptional or unique? Does NOT have to be upscale - just looking for something that I'll remember and crave forever.

We'll also be at a couple of ski resorts - deer valley, alta, and park city for sure - so anything there as well.


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  1. For sure the Red Iguana for GREAT Mex.....mmmmmole!

    1. I agree, Red Iguana is excellent. Try a mole. For a good Brazilian Churrascaria, Rodizio Grill at Trolley Square is worth a visit.

      1. Seconding both the above.

        Red Iguana is perhaps the best Mex for 500 miles in any direction. Having lived in LA, only Serenata De Garibaldi comes close, even though the style is totally different.

        Rodizio is not only excellent, but a bargain compared to churrascarias in other cities. If you REALLY like meat this would be a good choice.

        And augmenting the list with:

        Mazza - absolutely incredible Middle Eastern, at the corner of 15th and 15th. One of the city's gems.

        Faustina - our new upscale fave, near downtown. Decidedly creative New American. I was wowed by my Sea Scallops with Beet Risotto and Orange Basil Vinaigrette. Groovy space and a hip bar menu.

        And in the guaranteed to crave forever department, go by Les Madeleines and have a Kuong Amun (I dare you to eat only one). Commonly called "crack" by LM fans, it is the single finest baked good I have ever and will ever ingest.

        1. i second red iguana, mazza, and les madeleines.
          takashi has excellent sushi. sit at the bar, the table service can be slow.
          also, check out Settebello on 200 West, next to Red Rock Brewery. Exceptional Neapolitan pizza from a wood fired oven. It's made to VPN (Vera Pizza Napoletana) standards with goods straight from the motherland, and for those things not allowed across our border, close approximations from Fra Mani and Salumi in the Bay Area and Seattle respectively. They just opened and I've been everyday for lunch.