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Jan 25, 2007 06:03 PM

Fuel City Tacos

After reading the Texas Monthly cover story on the 59 tacos you must eat before you die I tried taco #1. Has anyone had the tacos at Fuel City on Industrial near the jail, etc.?

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  1. Hum sounds interesting, always up for a good taco.

    1. Was Fuel City the only local place on the list? Was it #1?

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      1. re: snatex

        #1 -- Picadillo taco at Fuel City (Dallas)
        #4 -- Lamb barbacoa taco at Sason (Dallas)
        #6 -- Red snapper taco at Cafe San Miguel (Dallas)
        #17 -- Barbacoa taco at Tijuana Bar & Grill (Dallas)
        #21 -- Al pastor at Pepe & Mito's (Dallas)
        #26 -- Cuadril steak taco at La Duni (Dallas)
        #30 -- Lobster taco at The Mansion (Dallas)
        #31 -- Lengua taco at Taqueria Pedrito's (Dallas)
        #32 -- Garlic beef taco at Fuzzy's (Fort Worth)
        #33 -- Brisket taco at Mia's (Dallas)
        #41 -- Al pastor taco at Taco Diner (Dallas)
        #47 -- Roasted pork taco at Tin Star (Dallas)
        #50 -- Barbacoa taco at Tacos Don Miguel (Fort Worth)
        #51 -- Steak fajita taco at Primo's (Dallas)
        #55 -- Steak taco at Blue Mesa Grill (Fort Worth)
        #57 -- Brisket taco at Rio Mambo (Fort Worth)
        #59 -- Blackened catfish taco at J&J Oyster Bar (Fort Worth)
        #60 -- Pork in salsa verde at Benito's (Fort Worth)

        You can tell something about the quality of the results by the fact that almost none of the descriptions or profiles even mention the quality of the tortillas (and for good reason, if the Dallas picks are representative of the list). And you'd be hard pressed to come up with a more Anglo-centric list of tacos.


      2. don't know about the list or the ratings, but Fuel City's tacos are very good. Going there for lunch today.

        1. Tried Fuel City for lunch today. Tacos are $1.16 each. 5 types - Picadillo, Beef Fajita, Chicken Fajita, Barbacoa, and Pastor. I liked them. The Barbacoa was the best with the Beef Fajita and Picadillo coming in next best. Chicken always tends to be a little blah but it was ok. The pastor was a little too picante for my taste.

          1. I picked up some picadillo and pastor tacos on Sunday and my car still wreaks of onion. I don't recommend taking them back to the office but they were quite good. My favorite, however is the lingua taco from Mexico Lindo in Terrell. Those are really great.

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            1. re: berlin

              Interesting one of my favorite places is Dos Aces in Terrell. Where is Mexico Lindo located in relationship?

              1. re: irodguy

                Mexico Lindo y que Rico is located on Highway 80 on the same side and close to the Oakland cemetery gate. I think there's a tire store between the restaurant and the cemetery. Look for "TORTAS" painted in big letters on the window. I haven't worked my way thru the whole menu but their food is freshly prepared and very tasty.