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Jan 25, 2007 06:03 PM

Cafe Brasil recs?

Going for a celebration dinner tomorrow night. Anything that's a must try?

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  1. I love this place.

    I always get the names of the two pastry-type appetizers mixed up, but the one that looks like a McDonald's apple pie is awesome.

    I usually get the dark meat chicken combo, but that's just me. Get any combo for the rice, beans and plantains alone. I far prefer these to Versailles.

    The Guarana Brasilian soft drink is really tasty, it's sort of a peachy ginger ale. If you like it you can buy it by the case at the Brasilian market across the street (one of the only other places in the country that sell the soda.) But note that the diet is made with saccharine.

    I *think* you can bring your own wine, too.

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      Yes! The fluffy pastry thing (think puffy empanada.. light and crispy) is called Pasteis and is jammin!!! Also had their Guarana soda which rocked. Yum! I totally agree that their combo plate flavors are much more interesting than Versailles, although I do love Versailles. Today I shared their Empadinha (tried both the chicken and the artichoke), and Milanesa special- the chicken was a bit dry, but their salsa (onion, parsley, tomato...) fixed it up just fine. I can't wait to go back!

    2. Everything is great at Cafe Brasil. All of the grilled meats are fabulous...lamb chops, dark meat chicken, churasco, pork chops.
      They have also opened a new outpost in culver city, on washington. Same menu, much nicer atmosphere, and larger space.
      11736 West Washington Blvd, at McLaughlin ave

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      1. re: venicefoodie

        I really like the dark meat chicken with rice and plantains. Comparable to similar dishes I have eaten in Brazil. Be sure to BYOB!