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Jan 25, 2007 05:44 PM

Looking for Sunday brunch spot - Limerick/Pottstown area

Doesn't seem to be many choices around there. Looking for a spot for a first date. Any suggestions?

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  1. sunflower cafe on north charlotte st is the ONLY good place for breakfast in pottstown. period.

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      Gypsy Rose Lee of of 113 is terrible-and it's a shame because it is a lovely place. Food is bland, tasted like its right out of the microwave. Some one should buy this place who know show to run a restaurant. It could be a destination dining spot with the rigth owner and chef. Look at it--it is in a great site.

    2. In nearby Collegeville, there is a beautiful old stone farmhouse restaurant, Gypsy Rose. They have a Sunday Jazz Brunch which sounds fun.

      1. The Gypsy rose...Hmmm Good choice. If it's a first date, remember; you'll never gat a bad reputation by eating at a nice place. Sunflower is nice.

        1. In Royersford there is a nice restaurant with good ambiance on 10th ave called Laura's Cafe. Also in the same plaza is a nice chinese reetaurant called Vee Koo also good ambiance. Both are suitable for a brunch or evening out.

          1. Casual Gourmet.... Limerick, PA.... Outragous breakfasts.... great coffee
            We love it. Weekends are really busy but totally worth the wait.