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Jan 25, 2007 05:26 PM

Seeking great food in Nashville

Last year I met my friend in Nashville and we had a great Sunday champagne brunch buffet at Loews Hotel. The following morning we ate at Loveless Café and enjoyed the place quite a bit.

This year, we are seeking another great Sunday champagne brunch buffet and another great place for breakfast the following Monday morning.

Also, any good recommendations for a great dinner dishes for Saturday and Sunday nights.

Thanks in advance

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  1. For Southern cooking brunch try Monell's. Not high brow but authentic. Even better for lunch during the week. For dinner try Zola's. Debra Paquette is the most inventive chef in the city. Her dishes are well seasoned and very nuanced. She is the dean of Nashville chefs. Watermark is also excellent and has great views of downtown. Ask for a table with a view. They do seafood particularly well. Also consider F.Scott's. The food is good and the wine service under the guidance of Elise will hold it's own with any in any city...not an understatement.

    1. Hi! I've lived in Nashville all of my life, so I hope my suggestion(s) work for you!

      Demos'. It is a locally owned (there are only 4 in TN) steak place! There is one downtown on 3rd and Commerce. It is inexpensive and WONDERFUL! I can't get enough of this place. Try their chicken and rice soup (instead of salad) and 6 oz sirlion. For the price, nothing beats it!
      Another wonderful, more upscale, steak place is Nick and Rudy's. It also has a piano bar!! You may need reservations!

      If you're looking for a great bar/restaurant try The Flying Saucer. They have a ton of beer on tap and pretty good food as well!

      Pancake Pantry in the Hillsboro area is wonderful. They ONLY take cash, so be prepared! They have more than just pancakes too!

      What types of foods do you like? Where are you staying (general area)? I hope I have helped!

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        I had breakfast at Pancake Pantry the on Wednesday, and was able to pay using a credit card. A good solid breakfast, but the hash browns, while freshly made, were over-rated on another thread.

      2. If you want a champagne brunch at a hotel restaurant, try the Capitol Grille at the Hermitage Hotel. Monell's has breakfast on the weekend, but not during the week. Pancake Pantry has a variety of nice pancakes; you will probably have to wait in line outside.

        I second the recommendation of Zola's. Try the trout.

        Avoid Demos'. Even if your standard of fine dining is hotel restaurants, you will find it below par.

        1. I would reiterate to avoid Demos.

          1. Just curious as to why you don't care for Demos'?