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Jan 25, 2007 04:53 PM

Japanese grocery store?

Are there any Japanese grocery stores in the Bay Area of the likes of Mitsuwa and Marukai in Los Angeles?

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  1. TI'm not sure what area you're in but there is a Mitsuwa in San Jose on Saratoga Ave. There's a smaller grocery store, Suruki which is on 4th Avenue in downtown San Mateo as well as Nijiya Market is on El Camino and 20th in San Mateo.

    1. Honu has pretty much listed all we have in the Bay Area that's "big"/major.

      Nijiya also has a location in Mountain View and in San Francisco Japan town.

      Now on the down down downscale:

      There's Tokyo Fish Market in Albany(?) that might sell a few other things other than sushi grade fish, not 100% sure about that. There's an even smaller mom and pop Japanese/Hawaiian grocer, Takahashi, in San Mateo.

      Marina Supermarket and 99 Ranch supermarkets also carry a very small selection of random Japanese groceries (soba, udon, nori, frozen unagi, certain snacks, Zojirushi rice cookers and the ilk)

      1. Not a grand Japanese supermarket by any means, but a big part of San Mateo history, (est. 1906!) Takahashi Market on the corner of S. Claremont and 3rd Ave. San Mateo. They have One Ton chips, and other stuff, for those who are into Hawaiian goods.

        1. There's also Yaoya-San in El Cerrito. It's compares in size to Nijiya and Takahashi so it's old fashion grocery store size compared to a large Mituswa.

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            uh, no. yaoya-san is a much smaller market but they do have most of the basics. tokyo fish way down the street is actually larger and has arguably a larger selection nowadays.

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              I shop at both but lean towards Yaoya-san for dry goods, there's also the yen store next to it that ups the ante. Plus parking is a lot easier.

              1. re: Scrapironchef

                I like Yaoya-san overall, prices seem lower and as you said better parking. Love the yen store next to it as well. However, it is a v small store, I must admit.

          2. Tokyo Fish has a large fish counter and a myriad of various Japanese and other asian groceries, with a large sake selection and a good rice selection. It is in Berkeley, just above Gilman on San Pablo Ave.