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Jan 25, 2007 04:41 PM

First visit to San Diego - What should I not miss?


I am going to be visiting San Diego for the first time in a week. What restaurants, bakeries, diners, take-out's, taco stands etc would you recommend I try not to miss? Being a foodie, are there any other attractions I may be interested in visiting during my week long stay, like markets, kitchen stores, deli's, or cooking schools.

Thanks in advance for your advice. I'm really looking forward to experiencing San Diego.

Brisbane, Australia

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    1. Being Australian, I'm going to guess you know good seafood. Please try the uni (sea urchin roe) while in SD, and Izakaya Sakura should be a good spot to do so. I second Josh's rec heartily. You might also try Point Loma Seafood for an entirely different, American take on seafood, too.

      As to foodie outings, I love to peruse the Asian groceries in the Clairemont neighborhood around Convoy. Not as good as SF or LA, but entirely enjoyable. There are good, inexpensive restaurant supply shops in that area, too. I'm not sure how this compares to Australia, but compared to Kansas City area (where I live,) they're an outing. This could be combined with a visit to Izakaya Sakura easily. I'd like to refer you to Kirk's blog He will give you many wonderful leads. There's lots of good Vietnamese fare in SD, too.

      1. Thanks Josh and Amyzan, I'll definitely get to all of the restaurants you suggest.

        I'm going to be paying a visit to REI which is about a mile away from them, so I'll combine that with a meal Sakura and a beer or two at O'Brien's.

        The Linkery looks very delicious. I like the way they are sourcing the best produce for their meals.

        I was hoping that I'd get a recommendation for some Mexican cuisine. So I'll definitedly check out Super Cocina. There isn't much in the way of good mexican food in Brisbane.

        Thanks for the link to Kirk's blog. I'll be adding Mama's Bakery to the list of places to visit.

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          I would also try Mama Testa which is an excellent and unique taco shop/restaurant:

          Another good place for Mexican (a little bit more upscale and not your typical burrito/taco place but food from the central and southern Mexico) is Chilango:

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            Give Ponce's a try.

            4050 Adams Ave. San Diego, CA 92116

            I adore this place.

          2. I was in Brisbane about nine years ago, and Aussies have some amazingly good seafood! So, along with the other suggestions, with which I wholeheartedly agree, I'd add Mama Testa's for tacos. For some great views AND food, I'd suggest Bertrand's Mister A's and the Marine Room. And if you want markets, you might want to check out Bristol Farms. It's a little pricey, but they have some nice gourmet items and prepared food you can buy and take with you or eat there. There are also farmer's markets in Ocean Beach on Wednesdays (starts at 3pm) and HIllcrest on Sunday (starts at 9am). Here's link:


            I hope you enjoy your stay, and post back on your dining and food-buying experiences.

            1. Extraordinary Desserts on 5th