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Jan 25, 2007 04:16 PM

V-Day Additions

I don't really do V-Day. We either stay in or go to a diner/dive to avoid the bad food and crowds that always leave you disappointed. . . .

so - this year, I'm debating doing a some kind of fun picnic Tapas V-Day thing.

Cheese & French Bread
Various Olives
Various dips

But - I need something more. I'd like to do cubed beef skewers of some sort - but fireing up the bbq might kill the mood - how do I get around that? Or maybe a soup? But there has to be a meat. So what kind of meat is it?

Any ideas for something of substance to this meal so we don't get a stomachache from "snacking"?

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  1. For meals like that (which we do often on the weekend) great salamis or cured meats work well. A nice proscuitto and a spicy german salami are our two favourites, esp if we can score a fresh buffulo mozzarella to go with the hard cheeses

    1. I love doing romantic indoor picnics. Hmmm maybe that's what I'll do this V-Day.

      Agree with the suggestion for some good salami or sausage. You could also consider some pate. Or how about some seafood. You could prep some shrimp/prawn skewers and cook them up in a flash on the stove. I’ve also prepped some Oysters Rockefeller in advance and then pop them in the oven when ready for our picnic nights.