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Jan 25, 2007 03:58 PM

Microsoft Prime Card - Rest Recs?

My brother just got his MS Prime Card and we are looking to try some of the restaurants out. Here is a link to the restaurants that qualify for discounts...Any recommendations?

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  1. That link didn't work for me.

    1. Prime Card discount tends to apply to steak-type places. A friend of mine who has Prime card likes to use it at Waterfront grill, Benihana (for the teppanyaki filet mignon), Canlis, Ponti's (especially the outside balcony overlooking the canal in warm weather). I think you also get some sort of small discount at Herbfarm.

      1. Prime card dining benefits are the same as Passport Card. See

        Restaurants from the list we often eat at include:
        -Waterfront Grill
        -Calabria (Kirkland)
        -Cactus (Kirkland...not sure if Madison Park is part of it also)
        -Tap House (Bellevue)
        -Yarrow Bay Beach Cafe/Yarrow Bay Grill (Kirkland)
        -Rikki Rikki (Kirkland)
        -Mama Melina's (U-Dist)
        -Earth and Ocean (W)
        -Racha (Seattle Center)
        -Ponti Seafood

        We use it often for a variety of foods.

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          fyi, canlis is no longer part of the program since dec

          1. re: mingm

            that's too bad...i would love it if canlis were on that list!

        2. I'm not sure if the list is the same because when I look up some of the places on both websites they appear on the Passport card but not the Prime card. For example, Cactus is not listed on the Prime card but is on Passport. Bummer it doesn't work for the Madison Park location or we'd use it all the time.

          Ethereal, do you have the Passport card or are you a Microsoft FTE?

          The list changes all the time. Nell's used to be on it as did Banjara and The Ram, but no longer. I guess Canlis has also left.

          We like Mistral, Lola, Ponti. I noticed that Salish Lodge is also on the list. If you live on the Eastside, Coho Cafe and Waters are on it. Also Tully's for coffee.

          1. The original comment has been removed