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Jan 25, 2007 03:50 PM

best bets in brookline

anyone got places they would want to share that are "finds" in the brookline mass. area. looking for avg priced, good portion and flavorful selections. more casual vs fine dinning

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  1. Taberna de Haro (tapas), Khao Sarn Cuisine (fancy Thai), Dok Bua (casual Thai), Rod Dee (counter service Thai), Rami's (Israeli shwarma), Michael's (corned beef sandwiches), Marty's (diner), Busy Bee (diner), Pho Lemongrass (Viet), Washington Square Tavern (great pub food), Matt Murphy's (Irish bar with excellent food), Rubin's (kosher deli), Baja Betty (decent Mexican).

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Just to clarify, it's Martin's not Marty's (I'd be heading to the liquor store). I also like Savoy Bakery and Japonnaise for takeout pastries. I thought Beacon St. Tavern was fine my one time there but I know some people have a problem with it. Not big on Baja Betty or Rubin's.

      1. re: Joanie

        Martin's, yes! I actually haven't been back in a little while, though it was a regular Saturday feature of my life for years. I understand they have abandoned the conical disposable coffee cups in the reusable plastic holder, which I always loved.

        Beacon Street Tavern isn't bad, but the food strikes me as a big step down from parent Washington Square Tavern, better than but still closer to generic pub food.

    2. The area around Brookline is easily my favorite place in the Boston area for casual dining. (I have to admit I don't know the actual boundaries of Brookline though.) Lots of my favorites:

      Dok Bua (Thai)
      Rod Dee (Thai)
      Rami's (superb falafel sandwiches)
      Publick House (best beer bar in Boston)
      Sichuan Garden (pretty good Szechuan)
      Shanghai Gate (excellent Chinese)
      Upper Crust (pizza)
      Fugakyu (kind of expensive, but very good sushi)
      Anna's and Boca Grande (burritos etc.)
      Kupel's (bagels)

      Even many places I didn't mention, like Shawarma King and Rani (Indian), are more than decent.

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      1. re: fenian

        Let me add Jae's for good Korean. The bar is great for single dining and I love the tropical fish tanks in the restaurant proper.
        There's a new coffee bar in the village on Station Street, where King Tut's was (sad to see it go) , that my friends are raving about- does somebody know the name of the new place?

        1. re: ginnyhw

          Cafe KooKoo - I haven't tried any of the sandwiches, but the pastries are from Iggy's.

      2. Family Restaurant!!!! Casual Turkish in Brookline Village.

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        1. re: tomaneng

          Good catch: how did I forget that one? I love that place.

          1. re: tomaneng

            Thanks, tomaneng! I thought this one was going to get over-looked. It's cheap and excellent. I would also suggest La Morra (Tuscan - a block or two West of the Firehall on Boylston) - eat at the bar - share an app and have a full size plate of pasta. Delish and not too $$.
            I'd also add Chef Chang's House - best Peking duck hands down.

          2. Bottega Fiorentina (both locations)
            Oishii is technically in the Brookline part of Chestnut Hill, if you want to count that.
            O'Leary's at St. Mary's
            Publick House
            Washington Square Tavern
            To-go food from Bazaar in Coolidge Corner
            Zoe's in Brookline Village

            1. Somebody just posted that Tacqueria Mexicana (of Waltham) has opened an outpost in Coolidge Corner (where New Taste of Asia was).

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              1. re: Aromatherapy

                Actually, it's Taqueria Mexico (Taqueria La Mexicana is an equally good place in Union Square, Somerville).

                I'm very excited about this news! I'm glad they were able to take over the NTOA spot, even though I'm still sad about their closing last year.

                1. re: Aromatherapy

                  I think it's Koo-Koo's. Or something similar. Definitely has a nicer look than King Tut's but haven't been in.

                  1. re: Joanie

                    Had a reasonably nice lunch at Koo Koo, kinda good not great, a notch below Reef Cafe.