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Jan 25, 2007 03:22 PM

Federazione Italiana Cuochi "diploma di merito"

What's this designation all about? what does it mean?

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  1. It is like, "Honorable Mention" from the Italian Chef's Federation.

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    1. re: Campania

      I recently dined in an Italian Restaurant and noticed This ' Diploma Di Merito' sitting proud in the restaurant. Can you please explain to me what significance this holds for the chef and or property when they get this Award/Diploma. Is there some prestiege surrounding this diploma as the restaurant I dine at was one of the most respected in Brisbane, Australia. There must be some form of distinction to even be awarded this? I was reading a bio of a chef working in America and they made a big song and dance about this fact.

      1. re: Campania

        There's a member in another board I'm on. I'll ask him how they decide who gets the award.

      2. thank you -- is it rare? meaningful?

        I saw it at Chez Enzo in Paris, where the food was terrific. If it's any indication of quality, I will track down all the chefs who have received it.