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best meatball sandwhich...?

Besides Bay Cities, an other recs for a meatball sandwhich? I don't want to much filler in the meat, sauce on the mild side, and excellent fresh bread...

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  1. Here is a thread I started last summer:


    I went to Rinaldi's for the first time yesterday and had a good turkey meatball/chicken parm sub ... I bet the regular meatball is great.

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      Massimo Pizza in Huntington Beach, one block up from PCH on Brookhurst. Really good meatballs in an extra large roll, cheese and sauce baked in the oven to give the bread a really nice toast that is just right.


    2. I acutally have had really good ones at Taste of Hobokken (sp?) next to Mateos. I'm not sure if this place is still there - I seem to remember something changing, but haven't stopped in to check it out.

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        still there it may be called just "hoboken" now.

      2. I also enjoy the meatball sub at Bauducco's in Westlake Village.

        1. SUBWAY!................NOT! How about Patrillos on San Gabriel on Valley Blvd?

          1. I'm partial to the one at Dino's in Burbank. Perfectly proportioned, and nicely crisped in their pizza oven before they serve it to you.

              1. I'll second Rinaldi's, and direct you to Busy Bee Market in San Pedro.
                FYI to PaulF, your link may be incorrect - all I get is a blank GIF image.

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                    I do eat at Rinaldi's and really like the owner and his family. I'd order the "Fatboy" at Rinaldi's which has meatball (turkey), sausage, and pepperoni and the requisite marinara and cheese. However, I'm gonna say for a meatball sandwich nearby, I'd suggest Campinelli's Deli on the corner of 9th and Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach. The sauce is slightly sweet (Rinaldi's is more tart) and the meatballs are not as huge as the Rinaldi ones. Overall though, I think the Campinelli sauce taste more "homemade" to me and I prefer the taste of meatballs at Campinelli's. Both places have nice owners and staff. I think the prices are slightly lower at Rinaldi's, but not a huge amount.

                  1. Milano's in Glendale -- but only for lunch.

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                      I would second Milano's. I grew up in NJ and I lived on Meatball, Chicken Parm and Ham, Cappicola and Cheese subs. These were the closest approximation I've run across.

                    2. Foggia deli in Lakewood had a great one. The meatballs are tasty and well herbed.

                        1. The BEST meatball sandwich in the valley is at:

                          Italia Bakery & Deli
                          11134 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills, CA 91344
                          818 360-2913

                          Homemade bread, made fresh on site throughout the day, that takes any of their great sandwiches to the next level... hard or soft roll and a very understated marinara sauce , meatballs with just the right amount of herbs makes this a must stop if you want a truly great meatball sandwich.

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                            While I think Busy Bee sandwiches are generally just good for the price, not anything amazing, their Meatball is the best I have ever had.

                            Busy Bee
                            San Pedro

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                              I like Busy Bee too, but in San Pedro the meatball sandwich to beat is from Big Nick's on Gaffey

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                              I second this. I use to live on on Louise, north of Rinaldi, and the meatball sandwiches are what I miss the most of Granada Hills (sorry to all the residents). And the young gentleman behind the counter use to hold back 1 tub of burrata for me every friday, w/o even asking, cause it use to sell out.

                            3. Eastside Deli in downtown LA on alpine st.

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                                Exactly - Eastside Market Deli (near dodger stadium)
                                Really great bread; delicious sauce; perfect meatballs; unpretentious ambience.

                                As a sidenote, there was some discussion on these boards recently about whther they serve alcohol. While I've never seen it on the menu, it is in coolers that they have on the backwall, so it appears that they do.


                              2. Mickey's on Hermosa Ave. I had a serious addiction for a while!

                                1. Al Gelato... basically they just give their AWESOME huge meatball and two slices of their soft crusty bread.. YUM!!! And Bay Cities Deli... ask for EXTRA cheese... Hmmm...


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                                    I keep meaning to get to Al Gelato and now, Dommy with your little avatar meatball photo, (and even if that's not what it really is I don't care - that's what I am imagining it to be) I have finally been given the necessary momentum to make that happen. You just knew what it would take to motivate me! (g) Thanks, Dommy.

                                  2. The King of New York in Korea Town. Their meatballs are homemade and their sauce is delicious. On a side note they have an amazing Chicken Parmasean pizza too! King of New York is on the corner of 3rd and Western. They also have a location on 8th and Berendo i believe.

                                    1. Bravo Pizzeria on Main St. in Santa Monica. DEEE-licious meatballs (delicate, possibly veal and beef mixed). And served with unexpectedly great Belgian frites. Bravo!

                                      1. Second on the Eastside Deli near Dodger's stadium.

                                        Not super outstanding but when I'm in Silverlake, Hard Times Pizza at the intersection of Griffith Park and Hyperion (near the Trader Joe's and across from the Gelson's supermarket) does the trick when I have a hankerin' for some gooey cheesy meatballs fresh from a quick zap under the broiler.

                                        1. Dave's Chillin & Grillin in Eagle Rock makes a divine meatball sub.

                                          1. I'll put in a vote for the one served at Jar on Mozzarella Mondays.

                                                1. second the victor jr's rec. and the eggplant parm is absolutely unbeatable.