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Jan 25, 2007 03:04 PM

best meatball sandwhich...?

Besides Bay Cities, an other recs for a meatball sandwhich? I don't want to much filler in the meat, sauce on the mild side, and excellent fresh bread...

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  1. Here is a thread I started last summer:

    I went to Rinaldi's for the first time yesterday and had a good turkey meatball/chicken parm sub ... I bet the regular meatball is great.

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    1. re: PaulF

      Massimo Pizza in Huntington Beach, one block up from PCH on Brookhurst. Really good meatballs in an extra large roll, cheese and sauce baked in the oven to give the bread a really nice toast that is just right.

    2. I acutally have had really good ones at Taste of Hobokken (sp?) next to Mateos. I'm not sure if this place is still there - I seem to remember something changing, but haven't stopped in to check it out.

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      1. re: dtud

        still there it may be called just "hoboken" now.

      2. I also enjoy the meatball sub at Bauducco's in Westlake Village.

        1. SUBWAY!................NOT! How about Patrillos on San Gabriel on Valley Blvd?

          1. I'm partial to the one at Dino's in Burbank. Perfectly proportioned, and nicely crisped in their pizza oven before they serve it to you.