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Jan 25, 2007 03:01 PM

[DFW] NY hound needs fabulous dinner for one in dallas - staying at the crescent! thanks


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    1. Lola is my favorite restaurant in Dallas and is right across the street from where you are staying.

      Make a reservation in the tasting room if you are up for it.

      1. Stephan Pyles for Southwestern, Local, York Street or Lola for New American and Nick and Sams or Bob's for steak. Cant go wrong with any of them. They are all very much a part of the Dallas dining scene. They are also very close the Crescent.

        1. All good suggestions. If you want to walk to dinner you've got 3 solid chains in the Crescent - Bice for Italian, Capital Grille for Steak and Nobu for Japanese. If you really want to splurge, call Hotel St. Germain across the street from the hotel. Dinner is a challenge, meaning you have to call ahead, pre-select your dinner, and give a credit card up front but its quite an experience. You could very well be the only person dining that evening so if you want a great people place, see any of the above.

          1. snatex knows whereof he speaks. Lola!

            Walk out the front door of the hotel and turn right and go out the driveway to the street. Turn right again. Walk down to the next intersection. That is Maple. Walk one more short block. That is Fairmont. Turn left. Two doors down on the left is Lola. A short walk of no more than 300 yards, total. Easily one of the three best restaurants in Dallas and, without a doubt the best and fairest priced wine list in Dallas. Decent selections of half bottles and wines by the glass. But, if you can aford to splurge (physically that is), check out the prices of the full bottles on the wine list. Amazing. Can't beat it with a stick.