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[DFW] NY hound needs fabulous dinner for one in dallas - staying at the crescent! thanks


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    1. Lola is my favorite restaurant in Dallas and is right across the street from where you are staying.


      Make a reservation in the tasting room if you are up for it.

      1. Stephan Pyles for Southwestern, Local, York Street or Lola for New American and Nick and Sams or Bob's for steak. Cant go wrong with any of them. They are all very much a part of the Dallas dining scene. They are also very close the Crescent.

        1. All good suggestions. If you want to walk to dinner you've got 3 solid chains in the Crescent - Bice for Italian, Capital Grille for Steak and Nobu for Japanese. If you really want to splurge, call Hotel St. Germain across the street from the hotel. Dinner is a challenge, meaning you have to call ahead, pre-select your dinner, and give a credit card up front but its quite an experience. You could very well be the only person dining that evening so if you want a great people place, see any of the above.

          1. snatex knows whereof he speaks. Lola!

            Walk out the front door of the hotel and turn right and go out the driveway to the street. Turn right again. Walk down to the next intersection. That is Maple. Walk one more short block. That is Fairmont. Turn left. Two doors down on the left is Lola. A short walk of no more than 300 yards, total. Easily one of the three best restaurants in Dallas and, without a doubt the best and fairest priced wine list in Dallas. Decent selections of half bottles and wines by the glass. But, if you can aford to splurge (physically that is), check out the prices of the full bottles on the wine list. Amazing. Can't beat it with a stick.

            1. This almost seems like a trick question. Given the header of your question the obvious answer is "Lola." Call the owner, Van Roberts, and tell him of your situation and sit back and be amazed by the food, service and, as Mike says, vino. Have a great time there and report back. I would also be willing to bet that the Crescent would find you a free ride since you are only a couple of blocks away.

              1. When are you coming? I'm trying to round up more people to fill a reservation for 10 this saturday at Stephan Pyles for a 10 course tasting menu. What could be more fun than dining with the locals. ;) If you're interested, email me at (remove spaces) event farm @ yahoo.

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                1. What do you mean by "fabulous dinner"? That could mean so many things to so many different people.

                  If you are looking for "fine" dining irrespective of the scene, go to Lola's, York Street, The Landmark or Aurora.

                  If you want a "scene", go to Trece, Hibiscus or Central 214.

                  If you want to get out and explore and try flavor combinations you've NEVER had before, go to Lanny's in Fort Worth.

                  If you want fantastic local sushi (ie, not Nobu), go to Yutaka's or Tei Tei.

                  If you want steak, go to Bob's. Stay away from Nick and Sam's. I for the life of me cannot understand why so many people like that place. It's terrible.

                  If you want an old standby that is still going strong, try Abacus.

                  1. My favorite restaurant in Dallas was Javier's. I didn't see it posted and I haven't been in many years. I did see a website.
                    Can any of the locals help me out with this one. Is it still great?

                    1. I certainly don't claim to be any sort of restaurant/food/wine expert and you will never meet anyone who is more of a live and let live type of person, but I don't think Javier's is anywhere near the pinnacle of the Dallas restaurant scene.

                      I have eaten there 3 or 4 times and every time I left wondering what the fuss was all about.

                      And now the inevitable flood of Javier's supporters will come rushing my way . . .

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                      1. re: Epicurious Esquire

                        I'm not a huge Javier's fan. I went once and saw no reason for all the fuss. Maybe its because I'm originally from Houston?? It was dark and loud and the food was only ok. I saw no reason to go back.

                      2. Ep. Es., I won't jump on you for not liking Javiers. There's no chef per se, menu hasn't changed in 20 yrs, its crowded, dark and full of dead animals, BUT, it happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas for 3 simple reasons - tomatillo sauce with chips dipped in butter, filet de cantinflas, and Victor's margaritas. Culinary creativity? Not so much. Institution that has never let me down, absolutely.

                        1. I have to agree w/ ieatdallas. Javiers isn't in the same tier as some of the other Dallas restaurants, and certainly no where near close to Lanny's, but I never leave there dissapointed or feeling ripped off. I don't think you can go wrong w/ the cabrito or the red snapper a la javier. My .02

                          1. Great, it's still there. I always had a great meal when I went. I think I'll come back for a visit soon!
                            Thank you!