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Jan 25, 2007 02:54 PM

butter tarts fit for a queen?

Last summer I read a recommendation for a bakery near Bathurst and Wilson that made very good butter tarts..does anyone remember this place and are they still operating?
Any other recommendations for the best butter tarts in North Toronto would be welcomed, thanks!

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  1. Hal's Burgers. And skip the burgers.

    1. The Hal Burger butter tart I had six months ago was unlike any I'd every come across — thick hard crust, about half the height of a usual tart and partially filled with what tasted like corn syrup. Abominable! And $3 IIRC. But then, J Kates raves about them...

      I prefer Wanda's meself.

      1. I think you are thinking about Cake Boutique, and this post:

        I thought there was a huge posting about best better tarts on this board not that long ago, but I can't get the hang of the way the search results are generated on this board.


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        1. re: Cereal Killer

          Thanks, I believe Cake Boutique was the one mentioned..

        2. The problem is the poster is asking for the North end of the city.

          And I agree the Hal tart sucks. When it is heated it becomes runny and SEEMS to be good. But it is crap when you dig in.

          1. The butter tarts at Pusateri's at Yorkville are incredible. Expensive yes @$2.50 but they're huge and have a lovely gooey oozing centre...yum. They don't make them onsite but are imported from somewhere else....something with a K____ farms...not sure exactly. They keep them in the pastry display case...