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Jan 25, 2007 02:49 PM

Can we discuss the sad state of DELIVERY options in Calgary!!!


I know I am spoiled having lived in New York City where everything under the sun gets delivered under 20 minutes and it's good too...... but....that being said.... I could have come from Pocatello Idaho (no offence anyone from Pocatello :) and would still be sooooooooo disappointed everytime I want / need delivery.

It's just so sad to me... and also seemingly would think that in a city that gets really really cold....restaurateurs would realize the market for GOOD delivery. questions for the day:

1. WHY?????
2. What do you consider the best all around delivery option in Calgary. I am in downtown, so I guess I'm most interested in this area's choices.

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  1. in calgary....good luck. nyc it is not. it's all about pizza hut and ginger beef for delivery. and please....all you proud calgarians who think it's not...c'mon. i lived there so i know. yes, it has some great places to dine out in, but for delivery, the city fails miserably.

    1. waiters en route. And Rafer, please tell us about the great delivery in Toronto- I lived in Toronto for more than 3 years and I don't think it's one bit better than Calgary. Which is not to say either city is Nirvana, but MANY MANY places in Calgary deliver, either on their own or through waiters en route, meal time, or some other service.

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        well, i don't wan't to get into great t.o delivery on this board, but i live downtown and needless to say there are LOT'S of great options for delivery..authentic indian, japanese, italian, jamaican etc. i find the food delivered hot and fresh for a reasonable price 75% of the time. it is's not always gonna pan out. i have to agree with susanbnyc though, in takes longer for the delivery time (especially if you live in the burds like most) and most places (i mean anthing besides big chains) charge far more than they should. i ended up doing take out a lot. delivery for a damn pizza takes an hour there...and it happened again this summer. I'm not knocking the city, just tryin to point out i had no good experiences there. i would recommend take out...many good places in town for that!

      2. Let's talk about the "services"..... They suck! It takes FOREVER 1st of all and it's expensive and the food usually shows up cold.

        What's your favorite delivery option John? I think we live close enough for me to glom all of your researched choices!

        1. Waiters Enroute used to deliver waaaaay out here and the best we ever got was from Pegasus.

          1. EL Sombrero...

            This is my favorite overall delivery option in Calgary. It is:

            1. Yummy
            2. KNOW what you are getting every time!
            3. Reasonably priced.
            4 Quick.... usually gets to my place in under 1/2 hour...even last night in all the snow it only took 40 min.

            I am really missing Chile Club Thai delivering.....