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Jan 25, 2007 02:47 PM

360 this Saturday night

I know a lot has been posted about 360 Van Brunt already but I'm wondering if anyone has been in recent weeks and what they enjoyed? I'm open to all recs. Especially about their charcuterie.


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  1. If they have the rabbit, I highly recommend it. We were there in December and my husband ordered it. It was braised. I had the chicken, which was really good, but the rabbit was amazing. We still talk about how flavorful and tender it was.

    1. I went for the first time a couple weeks ago with some friends from out of town. Everything we had was very good, but I would especially recommend the pappardelle with rabbit ragu and the braised lamb shank. Salads (I think we ordered all of them) were complex and delicious. We had the cheese plate at the urging of our waiter and it was a nice sampling running from mild to intense. I'm not real knowledgible re cheese, however, so aside from saying we enjoyed it I can't really comment further. Great place though - enjoy.

      1. I haven't been to 360 in several months, but have always enjoyed my meals and the unusual selection of biodynamic wines from small regional producers in France. The owner shows a great deal of enthusiasm when diners ask for his help in selecting a wine. He'll sometimes offer tastes of several before arriving with your ordered bottle.

        A caution about weekend dining at 360: it can be difficult to book a table. Apparently, the reservation system involved leaving a message on a voice mail and waiting for a call back.
        Obviously, there are no guarantees. I presume from the title of your posting, you have a confirmed reservation.

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          I actually called yesterday and got a machine. I decided to call back later on when I could speak with a live person. I just didn't feel like dealing with waiting for the call back.

          The do ask you to call and confirm by 3pm on the day of your reservation.

          Also, they seemed to have a lot of open tables. He offered me several different time slots. I was a little surprised.

          1. re: CornflakeGirl

            Yep, that's the way to do it. Call in the evening and talk to a human. I've never had a problem making a reservation using that route.

        2. as the menu keeps changing, its hard to find everything listed here but if they have the braised pork dish with chorizo salsa...jump on was the best pig dish ive ever eaten. i had it back in the summer.

          always available is the hangar steak which is unbelievably delicious...i even got my vegetarian girlfriend to sneak in a bite. its perfectly bloody and buttery. the cheese plate, with cheese from cato farms is also tops. the charcuterie plate with house smoked duck is also a great appetizer.

          1. I've been meaning to thank everyone for their feedback at 360. We had a very good meal there a few weeks ago.

            First, I want to say that service was great. The gentleman that took our order (heavyset guy with "Kramer" hair) really knew his way around the wine list. We were both impressed.

            We split the charcuterie plate and the cheese plate to start. Everything was very good however I wish they would have let us know which cheeses were on the plate. But it was very busy and I understand why there isn't time. We're both interested in cheeses and would have enjoyed hearing about the types and which farms they came from, etc.

            I tried the hanger steak which was a large portion and every bit as buttery as sam1 mentioned. The entire dish was very rich and filling. Perfect for a chilly night.

            My BF had a pork dish that I sampled and liked as well. Sorry, it's been about three weeks and I'm forgetting the details.

            We also split a butterscotch pudding for dessert. This is something I normally wouldn't order but the couple at the next table seemed to be enjoying it so we gave it a try. It was looser than the average pudding but very tasty. I'll probably be on the lookout for a while to do a comparison between 360 and other places.

            Overall, no complaints. We really enjoyed 360 and will be going back.

            We had tried The Good Fork a couple of weeks prior and while I thought that was good, 360 was even better.