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Jan 25, 2007 02:46 PM

What is open over Mardi Gras weekend?

Hi, I'm from NOLA but now live in NYC and I'm going to be having my bachelor party over Mardi Gras. We've been working out a lot of plans, but we're still looking for a restaurant (preferrably uptown due to large group vs. parade travel issues) for dinner for saturday night. We're looking for something New Orleansey that can accomodate us. Ideally we would be looking for a Dick and Jenny's type place-- but that's closed. I realize it may be slim pickings ( and I know it is from the calls I've already made). Any suggestions for dinner for about 12? THanks!

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  1. Between Mardi Gras and the size of the group, that's tough. Anything along the parade route (Vizard's, Delmonico) will likely be closed.

    Commander's could easily accommodate 12. I'm pretty sure they will be open.

    Does it have to be Uptown? Ralph's on the Park could also handle a big group easily.

    1. I don't know whether these are open that weekend, but uptown, look at Upperline, Mat 'n' Naddie's, Brigtsen's, La Petite Grocery, Dante's Kitchen (not my favorite, but still pretty good, and they could definitely accomadate you). What about the warehouse district? Cochon or Wolfe's in the Warehouse, or places like that might not be completely full.

      Or how about something like Ye Olde College Inn, or Liuzza's? Not as expensive, definitely New Orleans-y.

      1. Hire a van and take everybody to Mosca's. With a group that size, you can serve family-style and try everything. Mosca's is always better with a big group as generations of New Orleans families and friends have known.
        In town, have you tried Pascal's Manale? Everybody loves eating Barbequed Shrimp with their hands and mopping up the sauce with French bread. Still my favorite version of the dish they originated.

        1. Thanks for all the good suggestions. I've been to a lot of these places. We were hoping to keep it uptown just to make transportation easier. I think I'm going to try for Dante's. The path of least resistance is probably the way to go here, though Mosca's sounds like a great option as well.

          1. Oh yeah, Cochon is not going to be open...