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Falafel Chula in Williamsburg

Anyone been? Any word on whether they bought out Uncle Minna? And I assume it's owned by the fine folks of Taco Chulo?

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  1. please tell me mina is not gone! i've been too scared to go in. first they take away hope and union, now uncle mina's. all my favorite union ave restaurants are going down the drain.

    1. Had a falafel deluxe (pita with falafel & eggplant) a couple nights ago. Pretty good quality for $4.50, although I felt hungry 3 hours after dinner. My boyfriend got the schwafel plate (falafel and chicken schwarma) and he wasn't so into the overcooked chicken. I like the new interior which is definitely step up from Mina's dingy space. It's just a hunch I have, but is Falafel Chula owned by the same folks as Taco Chulo?

      1. It is owned by the same folks as Chulo. The other day we got Chula's menu when we ordered burritos. I still haven't tried it, but I'm intrigued by Le Parisian falafel, which sounds like it might take a page from the best falafel I've ever had, ever- L'as du falafel in Paris.... Anyone tried it yet?

        1. Yep, I've been there. I remember it being good, but not mind blowing.

          1. i find it reallly obnoxious that they opened right next door to uncle minna; i don't really feel right in going there. (am i experiencing liberal guilt here?)

            1. mmm... to be fair, the place isn't NEXT TO uncle mina's, but is actually in the uncle mina's location. many of the menu items are prefaced as "uncle mina's" ... e.g. uncle mina's lentil soup. i suspect (though haven't confirmed) that the takeover, if that's what it was, was not hostile but amiable. maybe they've partnered with mina? or maybe mina retired? in any case, i really liked uncle mina's, and have gotten food from falafel chula once and enjoyed it. the foul was really excellent, as was the carrot salad. certainly comparable to mina's. and as for liberal guilt... the owners of taco chulo are locals, and women -- i certainly would think the liberal response would be to support, rather than condemn, them? but maybe i'm missing some back story?

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                oh my! i didn't realize that. i hastily saw the "falafel chula" sign there and thought they just camped themselves next to uncle mina's (and i guess in my "liberal" mind, old school guys trump new school women). thanks so much for clueing me in! i'll have to check f.c. out. cheers!

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                  Does anyone know what happened to Mina? I moved out of Williamsburg last April so I haven't been to Uncle Mina's since, but right before I left he talked about opening another shop. Unfortunately, I don't remember where! Definitely Brooklyn, at least that was his thinking. Would love to hear any updates, he was a great guy, so friendly, and the food was excellent.

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                    Uncle Mina retired from the restaurant business for now. He just got tired of it. The new owner (From Taco Chulo) is actually related to Uncle Mina, it's his cousin. The food there is getting better and better every time I try it. I do miss the extra helping of food I use to get from Uncle Mina, though.

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                      Thanks so much for the info! Next time I'm in the neighborhood I'll have to go back!

                2. I ordered a meze platter to go the other day. As I was leaving, the owner asked me if I liked french fries. Who doesn't? Well, she said, everyone says we make the best french fries in New York. I said she should put that on the window and that I'd try them next time. (Why didn't she mention it earlier?) Back home, my meze was good if not mind-blowing. The eggplant was smoky, the foule spicy, and the other thing I don't remember alright. But the peppered pickles just tasted bad and I wouldn't order them again.