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Thai Garden in Olympia Mall

Before the mall underwent remodeling last year, there was a restaurant opposite the movie theater. It was named Thai Garden. It closed in Feb or Mar 06. The sign on the door when it closed suggested the owner might relocate. I am looking for the new location, if there is one, or a way to contact the owner of the defunct restaurant.

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  1. The Thai Garden has moved a very short distance away from their previous location in the Westfield Capital Mall. They are directly across the street from the old location. They are now in the strip mall across from the north edge of the Capital Mall, facing the Target store, just west of the new Promenade. It is a nondescript building, and not much of a sign, but I spotted them last week. Sorry, I don't have a street address or phone number.

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      Oh, thank you for that info! I also wondered if Thai Garden had managed to relocate successfully. I will go next week for lunch and see if the food and service are comparable to the old place. If the same folks are still managing it, we should be in luck.

    2. Many thanks Steve. I'll check it out next week. For Christmas 2005 I received a TG gift certificate from a relative that knew I liked the place. Waited too long to use it - stopped by first week in Feb and found it closed. Hope the new restaurant will honor it. Thanks again, John

      1. If y'all like Thai food and you're in Olympia, check out Angel Thai on 4th Ave downtown off of, um, I think Adams. Real Thai family, lovely fresh food, fresh orchids on the tables every day.

        1. Thai Garden is currently only signs in the windows, we too hope it re-opens
          since it was one of our favorites.

          1. we used to eat at the thai garden, and frankly, the food and service were great, they even knew us there....

            then everything went deep south. it started with overcooked, dry and rubbery calimari, we sent it back and ordered pad thai. uhh, you could taste ketchup! it was streaked with ketchup! we had eaten there for several years, so went back to give them another chance (after we told them about the ketchup and rubber, they offered another meal on the house).

            well, our complimentary meal (which we took carry-out, and brought home, a 20 minute drive) came with rice that was waterlogged on one side, and hard on the other, and a curry that was inside of a melted to go bowl! the curry and styrofoam had melted into something new and strange, and not edible. we had to go back, get more food, and that was all wrong too. they then told us they had a new cook. we had tried and sent back a total of 6 dishes. when they offered another free one (which was very kind) we just said no thanks.

            we eat at the thai pavilion, downtown. they are reliable, authentic (you will never find ketchup in the pad thai) and friendly. the owner is a very nice man. he makes it a point to personally greet us every time we come in.

            the bankok noodles are a treat, and if you ask they will make it spicy for you (it doesnt usually come that way). the satay is moist, tender, and bursting with flavor. the spicey squid is tender and complex. we have been happy with whatever we have ordered there.

            1. Briefly to recap an earlier discussion: I think the two best Thai places in the Olympia area are Bangkok (next to Freddie M. just off Pacific) and Chili Thai further into Lacy next to the post office. The latter is the most ambitious: you can get the appetizer (forget its name at the moment) with dried shrimp, peanuts, chilis and lime bits that you wrap in leaves, and they will also serve (if you ask) a side of minced Thai chilis in fish sauce. Both are non-gloppy, which is a plus in Olympia. Neither however can match the better Thai places to the north of us.

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                I second the vote for Bangkok Thai. Their Larb Gai is sooooooo delicious!!!

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                  There are a lot of decent Thai restaurants in the Oly area but my favorite is Thai Pavilion. Their food is cooked in authentic Thai style and with quality, fresh ingredients. They even have a few hard-to-find dishes - e.g. Thai omelet - that I have not seen anywhere else in the area. Overall, the flavors are excellent and remind me of Thailand more than any of the other local places do. The Tom Yum soup is exactly how it should be- with a light, flavorful broth and no tomatoes! Eat it with some rice, so good!

                  Service is very friendly and personal. It is relaxed though, so I would not call it fast.

                  My second choice is Bangkok Thai near the Fred Meyer's in Lacey. It is a very small place in a strip mall. Their dishes are very flavorful and super hot. Portions are generous with a fair amount of meat. I cannot even eat anything above 2 stars. Let me warn you: 2 stars at Bangkok Thai = 5 stars at most Thai restaurants. Stay away from 3 stars there. Service has been OK, but I normally get takeout which is super fast. It's nothing fancy, but I go there a lot for reliably good food at a good price. I actually prefer it to Chili Thai in Lacey (I think it's a better value than CT).

              2. Sorry I'm so late to this, but I've got to second rcallner--Angel Thai is great! I can't wait to get back and try one of the curries, but I really loved the bamboo shoot stir-fry special I had for lunch there the other day. Mmmmmm...

                1. A little update on Thai Garden. They now have their large electric restaurant signs from the old location up on the new site's exterior. The blinds are open and I think this time they are really returning. I was so disappointed when they didn't really open last winter. Maybe they sublet for a while while they reorganized. The site was a Halloween costume shop and then I think Christmas decorations.
                  I really miss their special hot and sour soup - the one with tomatoes, and the shaking beef! I never had a bad meal there and we either ate there or got take out at least once every 2 weeks; sometimes more!
                  Racha Thai is good too - but more expensive and if you don't get a booth the chairs are SO hard!!
                  I went to Angel's once and it was nice, I am curious about the one in Lacey - although I tend to be lazy and only got to restaurants on the west side of town.

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                    Unfortunately, there are not many signs of life at the new Thai Garden location --- the interior is still bare concrete. So don't hold your breath!

                    The new Thai place in the mall across the street is pretty good --- I had a very nice $8.95 lunch special there last week, and some good spring rolls. It is called Racha, a spin-off of the Seattle restaurants (they also have some fast-food outlets around Seattle, such as Westlake Mall and the Uwajimaya food court). They are also starting a chain of franchise places called Thai Go. Who knows, there may be a market for fast-food Thai!

                    Folks in Olympia shouldn't neglect the downtown restaurant Bamboo for Thai and Vietnamese food that is always reliable -- and inexpensive (while you are waiting for Thai Garden to be reincarnated).

                  2. 8/3/08 We noticed just last night that Thai Garden is at long last open for business!! I went in just to congratulate them and the decor is nice and the food smelled great. Hooray!!!

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                      Thanks for the note! We just went up to have a salad and phad thai and they can still make it nice and hot. They are definitely open.

                    2. Sigh. The curse of Olympia. For some reason, very few restaurants manage to be good AND consistent! Thai Garden did indeed open again, and it was LOVELY...for awhile. We were going there consistently and were consistently happy. Then the quality suddenly took a dive. The final visit topped it off - my partner's curry was practically tasteless (how on earth they managed it I don't know), my friend's dish was ok, and my tofu stir fry had chicken in it! When I sent it back, it was returned to me with tofu...and lots of little chicken bits still floating around in it! The cook hadn't remade it - just fished out the larger chunks of chicken and added tofu! Ug. Even the drinks were bad. The front staff were horribly embarrassed (and very nice and apologetic) and ended up comping us our entire bill. It seemed to me that they were frustrated themselves and that this sort of thing had been happening a lot. I have heard since then that there was some kind of argument that the chef and the owner had and the chef left. Double sigh.