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Jan 25, 2007 02:09 PM

Best prime rib in toronto

I am planning to take my dad out for dinner this weekend, and his favorite food is prime rib....any recs are appreciated!!! Price isnt to big of an issue, im going for quality

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  1. While I don't normally recommend these two places, my favourite places are for Prime Rib are:

    - The Keg (prefer the York St or Church St locations) and do not recommend anything else. At the Church St location, they will replace the sides with a side of Aparagus, for no additional charge.

    - Baton Rouge - I order it rare then get it grilled to medium rare. Again, I don't recommend anything else there, but the PR.

    I feel weird recommending these restaurants but they really do the job on the Prime Rib.

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      Dont feel bad.. I havent had it at Baton Rouge, but when I go to the Keg mansion, the prime rib is the only thing I order( mm with those crispy fried onions). It really is good prime rib

    2. Ditto to prime rib at the Keg! Here's a tip if you're heading there on a weekend night - if you're calling to reserve a table you should reserve your prime rib orders at the same time. Once it's gone, it's gone.

      1. Beware! The Keg Mansion on Church will not take reservations on the weekend.
        We wanted to take my parents a few weeks ago and we were so annoyed.
        There were seven of us,including three kids, and the hostess suggested we could wait upstairs at the lounge/bar for an hour or two. I do not understand why they will not take reservations for larger parties.

        1. I find 'The Outback' a good choice.Have never been dissapointed.

          1. Thank you all for your suggestions. We ended up going to The Keg, and as usual they did not disappoint, thanks