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Jan 25, 2007 02:09 PM

Valencia Garden

What can you tell me about Valencia Garden in Tampa regarding food and atmosphere quality? Looking for a quiet, romantic place with good wine, seafood and a Spanish flair!


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  1. VG has a few rooms, one is more on the romantic side. VG has a huge lunch business frequented by the political crowd. go there, be seen and see every politician in town, every downtown corporate flesh-presser. But at night the place clears out. If this is a special one-shot romantic night, i would suggest the Columbia instead. The other place that i would suggest is La Casona on Armenia which is a bit more intimate, unassuming on the outside but very sweet and romantic inside. Good wine selection but you should call first about seafood, don't know what they have in that dept. The location is odd on this ethnic stretch (just across the street from the best car repair business in tampa, Tony's RamTechs). But the prices reflect that. And then there's Spain in downtown Tampa. Kind of a hip, new-age looking place, sleek modern. Drinks are about the best in town. Atmosphere is terrific with folkloric live music and dance while you dine -- food is tapas or regular menu, not haute cuisine but lots of food, lots of fun. Romantic? The bar is romantic. The restaurant not so much.

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      Thanks so much ! Do you have suggestions for romantic restaurants in general in the Tampa area. We will be staying at Holmes Beach in mid Feb but we are definitely willing to travel in the metro area.