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Jan 25, 2007 02:02 PM

Cancun (Recs for Non-Meat Eater)

will be going to cancun in march and i'm not actually a vegetarian as i eat seafood (a lot), but won't eat beef, chicken, pork, etc... any recs on seafood places that are good near my hotel (hyatt caribe)???

also, what about dining when i visit chichen itza and the other ruins? should i bring a lot of cash or credit cards should be fine?

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  1. I had great fish at Puerto Madera. Whole grouper and others grilled , then split and filletted. My grouper was so moist and delicious and the portion so large, I had to take some home (and I am a big eater). They had a great selection of salads and vegetables. Its a beautiful place with very good service. We also enjoyed Lorinzillios for fish and seafood.

    1. I seem to remember a place called El Pescador, you might want to check the menu but I seem to remember them having a lot of wonderful fish dishes.