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Jan 25, 2007 02:00 PM

Has anyone been to Il Mulino?


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    1. re: pilches

      nicely said. sums up my experience too.

    2. Yes, it's okay. Nothing special at all.

      1. not for several years. there is way too good italian food in FL to waste your time there....

        1. Wow, so surprised on all the replys so far. I haven't eaten there myself but I work with a Doc who just raves about this place and the one in NYC. He was so excited when it opened here and somehow even got invited to the grand opening party. Like I said, I haven't eaten here but I did stop by the hotel Aqualina around XMAS and picked up a jar of Il Mulina pasta sauce that I planned to include in an italian themed gift basket that I was putting together. Turns out I didn't include it in the basket and probably will give it a try myself. Anyone tryed it???? P.S. While I was there at the hotel, had lunch in the restaurant. One of the best Cobb Salads!

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          1. re: chocolate

            Don't know anything about the Miami branch but over on the Chicago board the response is about the same......."mediocre" at best. By the way one is suppose to also open in Orlando at either the Swan or Dolphin hotel in the near future.

            1. re: theflytyr

              I've actually been wanting to try the one in Sunny Isles since we had a wonderful meal at the Il Mulino New York at the Ritz in Isla Verde (San Juan) Puerto Rico a few months back. We hadn't had reservations so sat at the bar and had absolutely to die for food and service. The melon and prociutto was a large portion which we shared and the prociutto was exceptionally good. For an entree I had a small portion of a special for the evening: ravioli stuffed with porcini mushrooms with a cream sauce that led fellow diners to believe I was doing an imitation of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene as I kept making mmming noises at every bite. My husband had another pasta which he also felt was way above standard. If Miami is 1/10th of Isla Verde's it should be very good... (I do have to say our friends in New York say that Il Mulino is always packed there and although the food is good it's quite overpriced even for NYC).
              BTW -- the Il Mulino's on Sunrise Bvd in Fort Lauderdale isn't connected to the Il Mulino New York ones. But the food is quite good -- a favorite of the downtown crowd for reasonable priced and tasty lunches. Even their house salad with chicken is worth the trip along with their home made rolls (garlic or regular).