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Jan 25, 2007 01:54 PM

More Google-friendly nav code?

The way things are now, there's no way to restrict a Google search to a particular board, since all the board names are in the source for every page.

Is there some way to flag the board nav table (div nav_tier3) as non-indexable?

That would probably draw more traffic to the site.

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  1. You can execute very effective searches using google with the following as part your query: inurl:topics :intitle:"San Francisco Bay Area" steak

    That will limit searches to just topics about steak in the SF board.

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    1. I just started noticing a related problem: the content of "In the Boards" and so on is getting indexed along with the topics. So e.g. the following-- inurl:topics intitle:"San Francisco" choucroute

      --turns up random topics that happened to have had a plug for a "Real Alsatian Choucroute" topic on the Toronto board when Google indexed them.