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Jan 25, 2007 01:33 PM

San Rafael Chinese - Hunan & Mandarin

New restaurant I tried out - Tsing Tao Eric's, over the weekend. Tasty, spicy Chinese home cooking good-eats in Marin(!!!). Located on B street between 3rd and 4th Street. Definitely go for the "Specials" on their menu... Then there are special tapioca drinks and sweets...yum!

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    1. re: rworange

      Pardon the last response. I had a fried mushroom garnished with deep fried basil leaves - it was the basil leaves that was the nice tasty surprise. I also tried out the Shanghai Chicked, minced chicken breast meat with pine nuts which made the dish very flavorful.

    2. Did they keep any items from the old Tsing Tao? They used to have a great crispy shrimp with a sweet / hot dipping sauce, listed (I think) as Hunan prawns. I always liked Bobby who ran the place at night. Is he still there or is all totally new with most of the same name?

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      1. re: foodfan

        I am afraid I do not know the old Tsing Tao. But there is the Emperor's Prawns on the specials menu, which is a battered deep fried prawns in a five taste sauce - not tried this yet but will ask the owner when I return to the restaurant.
        The owner is a happy fellow who moved from the east coast - Georgia, set up shop in San Rafael because of a friend he had who owned a Chinese restaurant in the area...perhaps that is Bobby you mentioned?

      2. Lumi,
        What a surprise, good eats in Marin!!! Didn't know us North Bay foodies were so deprived! I thought all there was available were hot pockets in pepto-bismal reduction!

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        1. re: foodphoto

          This is what this board is about reporting great food finds ... or warning about places to stay away. You seem familiar with Marin. I hope you'll let us know about your favorite spots in the area.

        2. I especially the mu shu pork at Tsing Tao Erik's.

          1. Have not been to Tsing Tao Erics, nor had I been to previous Tsing Tao. Would like to add to this discussion, however, that the eponymous Eric is the same Eric as Eric's in Noe Valley which has received 'loveit-hateit' postings on this board in the past. When the previous Tsing Tao became Tsing Tao Eric's, the Marin daily noted that Taiwanese street food would be a feature. If I ever get it in gear to activate my intention to try it, I will report. Meanwhile, I wanted to respond to previous postings wondering whether it was still same owners as previous Tsing Tao, which it apparently is not.

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            1. re: alfairfax

              Thanks for the clarification. I remember Tsing Tao from quite a while ago and thought it was just "OK Chinese" but very cheap for lunch. I need to try the new place.