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Jan 25, 2007 01:23 PM

restaurants in san jose?

friend just moved to san jose from socal and i want to send her a list of places to try (she's on a budget though) in the san jose area. i'm not too familiar with the south bay restaurants however.

anyone have some great places?

thanks in advance!

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  1. See earlier threads, including:
    (most of the restaurants listed are pretty affordable; the upscales one are Manresa, Alexander's and Forbes Mill).

    1. For Thai, I'd definitely recommend Krung Thai (either location). The Pad Thai is outstanding. Aqui is a pretty good cal-mex restaurant in Willow Glen. Amber India, either in Mountainview or at Santana Row, is an excellent Indian restaurant.

      1. For Japanese, try Sushi Maru

        Very well-priced, fresh fish (fresh everything for that matter), huge beef teriyaki, owned by Japanese people.

        1. For sushi, Sushi Kuni and Tomisushi (not Sushi Tomi, its sister restaurant in Mountain View) are good values.

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          1. re: Cary

            Just wanted to share my most recent experience at Tomi Sushi.

            I had gone on one other occassion and really enjoyed the sushi rolls though I did think they were a bit pricey. I went again with my sister and her husband this past Friday.

            I am never going back.

            We walked in and were seated right away in the back seating area where the tatami mats are. We had barely gotten seated when the waitress asked if we were ready. After telling her we needed some time she just asked for our drink orders. We got tea and water shortly thereafter and then she asked if we were ready again, this time we were.

            I got the alaskan roll and shared a dinner combo with mackarel and beef. The mackarel was more bones than meat. It was very difficult to eat it and though it was supposed to be grilled it was super oily. There was even some scales and the fin still on it. I was a little grossed out. The beef was ok except that there were some fatty pieces.

            The alaskan roll was not good. I could taste the gas from the torch. Really unappetizing.

            My boyfriend was happy with his roll, the Mickey, and my sister and her husband were happy with their spicy tuna and california rolls.

            But our tea and water didn't get refilled until we were done with the meal practically. Then, when I was still signing the card and we were still finishing up our tea, the waitress came over and told us they needed the table. RUDE!

            Before we even had our shoes back on they were clearing the plates and setting up for the next customer. We couldn't even sit down to put our shoes on. I found this totally unacceptable. Yes we were done with our meal but I was still signing the card and you do not ask your patrons to leave after they spend $$ at your establishment.

            We were insulted and would rather go to other sushi places where they treat their customers with respect.
            I'm not saying this will happen to everyone but I'm surprised it happened to us.

            I like good food and good service. The food wasn't all that and the service was terrible in my opnion so I will be looking for other places to eat.

          2. Di Lac is a great Vietnamese vegetarian place on Capitol Expressway a couple of blocks off the 101.