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Jan 25, 2007 01:13 PM

Anyone been to Farfalla (Los Feliz)?

i'll be attending a birthday dinner there this weekend and wanted to know of recommendations of what to order. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was just there about two weeks ago and had a great dinner! Let's see, there were three of us and all of the dishes we had were fantastic. To start, tomato soup, calamari and a salad with grilled mushrooms. Then two pastas -- one with clams and mussels in a tomato sauce and the other with shrimp, garlic and zucchini. Our third had a veal special, the only thing I didn't try, but she raved. We also split a piece of torta della nonna for dessert. I am not a big dessert fan, but I really enjoyed it -- not too sweet, just a nice bite at the end of the meal. Have a great time!

    1. My girlfriend and I really like this place... prompt service, and a cozy setting. Not to mention wonderful pasta dishes

      Here is their website. Farfella is great for pasta but their website breaks about every web design rule in the book.

      1. It's around the corner from where I live, so I eat there often (take out from there even more often.) They have some good salads - the fennel salad is great. Check out what their specials are, that can really be the best way to go, but the menu is super solid too, but we're not crazy about the roast chicken. The steak special always rocks, the pizzas are really good, and even something as simple as their checca is done well. The staff are all nice - you'll enjoy it. It can get a little cramped and a bit loud at times, but that can be fun too - it's very cozy and warm.

        1. the food is ok..but there is a big 'B' from the health department..i've been consistantly let down by the wait staff.

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            Having spent considerable time talking to a health inspector, I am not sure I really care about the distinction between A, B, and C. If it was truly dangerous to eat there, then they'd shut it down. Frankly, the inspector said that most home kitchens would get a C, and it's not like people are dying left and right because of the food they eat/prepare at home.

            1. re: glutton

              Agreed. The health department ratings deserve an 'F'. Lame things like cracked tiles in the kitchen take off lots of points - but what to you expect from government involvement?

          2. The skirt steak is my favorite, but their fish specials (especially if they have capers) are always great.