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Jan 25, 2007 01:11 PM

I wish Rinaldi's was in my neighborhood ...

If it was, I'd explore the whole menu.

I did happen to be in El Segundo yesterday, remembered there was some sandwich shop in the area and called a friend of mine who works at Raytheon. He knew what I was talking about.

Place was packed. Tons of sandwiches on the big board on the wall.

I didn't even read the whole thing, I just tried the first thing I saw that seemed interesting.

It was called the MC-2 (I think it's supposed to be like MC-squared). Chicken parm and turkey meatball on one sandwich.

Really damn good. I order with no cheese, xtra sauce and they delivered. Sauce was nice, thick, the right amount of garlic. Meatball had great texture, chicken parm was juicy.

One sandwich is not enough for a full review ... but I do wish I was in that 'hood more often, I'd love to work my way through the menu.

Original Rinaldi's
323 Main St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 647-2860

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  1. Funny, I've got a Rinaldi's sandwich on my desk right now. They have 53 sandwiches on their to go menu (95% of which are delicious - all Boar's Head meats). I made it my mission last year to try every single one. I do not recommend attempting this, but if you must, please STAY AWAY FORM THE "MATT MAN" (ground turkey mixed w/ egg whites, prosciutto, more eggs (fried w/ or w/o yolks), spicy mustard peppercini, mozzarella).

    The Italian Combo (the old standby)
    The Stinky (sliced turkey, liverwurst, spicy mustard).
    The Mailman (cappy, prosciutto, provolone.


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    1. The Bizzarro Brad is delish! (ham, sausage, eggs, mayo, mustard, american cheese). I don't know why I don't eat here more often, I've never had a sandwich I didn't like.

      1. Returned today for the Italian combo (no cheese ... but that's just me).

        Excellent ... salami, pepperoni, cap ... generously filled ... soft roll (don't know if I prefer hard or soft) ... oil and vin (not dressing, just oil and vin) ... lettuce and tomato. Place was packed.

        I'm hoping my work keeps bringing me back to El Seg.

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        1. re: PaulF

          Pepperoni in an Italian Combo? Sounds great and will definately give Rinaldi's a try. I love Pepperoni in sandwiches but most deli make Italian Combo subs with just Ham/Capicola, Salami and Provalone -- wothout Pepperoni.

          There used to be a Rinaldi's in Hermosa Beach. Any relation with the El Segundo location?

          1. re: Norm Man

            The folks that run Rinaldi's are super nice too. I have a friend who lives in El Segundo and according to him the current owners bought it from the original owner who was the Rinaldi of the shop's name. The shop in El Segundo is the original one and the owner kept another shop which I presume is the other Rinaldi's you refer to. My friend who lives in El Segundo has been going there for years says the current owners are much nicer and have kept the same quality. I've eaten most of the sandwiches and my favorites are the "That's It," "Chevy Andy," off the top of my head. I'm sure I left out a couple of others. When they're not busy (like the late afternoon) I sometimes ask Mike who works there to just improvise. It usually comes out pretty nice.

        2. First time I went there I got the meatball, which I thought was good. Then the second time I went with a cold sando (one of the turkey variety). I think I realized that soft rolls don't do it for me. I much perferred the warm sando hav with the toasty bread.

          1. The meatball sandwiches are great... good turkey meatballs, too. I actually have never had a cold sandwich there since I like the hot sandwiches so much. And I live 6 blocks away!

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            1. re: Dav

              I prefer hot also, but the combo got raves on this board so I had one.

              The turkey meatballs are really good.