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Jan 25, 2007 12:59 PM

Social Hollywood, should I bother going?

I'm trying to find a place for a business dinner, party of 6, nothing too stuffy.

Social Hollywood menu and atmosphere sounds interesting, but I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews so I'm a little nervous about going there. Has anyone been there lately?

If Social is not recommended, any other suggestions in Hollywood/West Hollywood vicinity? The group has enjoyed Sona and Ortolan in the past. TIA.

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  1. Funny - I was just thinking of asking about Social Hollywood. It was written up as part of the 3 Perfect Days series in United's in flight magazine for February (yes, I know it isn't February yet - tell it to United).

    So, what is the scoop on this place?

    1. 6 of us ate there last Saturday. The food was fine, but nothing mindblowing, and it should have been for the money. (about $180/couple, with only four drinks total.) The chairs at Social had this weird angle where they canted slightly backwards moving ears away from conversation, making it a little hard to hear. The service was very good and the place is beautiful. I realy can't say anything was too wrong but I would probably not go back. I haven't been to Sona or Ortolan but I can't imagine Social is on their level food-wise.

      1. I've been twice, and while the food is generally good (don't order the tuna though - I had it last time and it was bland and disappointing), the atmosphere is great, and the service very good too, it is quite pricey. Last time, the cost for four people (with about 6 cocktails, no wine, and no dessert) was about $450. Alot of money considering we skipped wine and dessert.

        1. For a non-stuffy business dinner, how about BLD? Or trending higher on the cost scale, Grace. Both serve great food, with BLD's focus on more of a traditional American meat-and-potatoes type of menu, while Grace is more daring, though staying true to the American palate.

          Both are on Beverly, east of Stanley.

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            I'd like to go a little more upscale than BLD and although Grace is good, I didn't love it so do not intend on returning. Thank you anyway for your suggestions!

          2. It's an interesting place, especially the bar area which is fantastic.

            The food was only okay the one time I ate there and with so many other good choices, especially because it's a little spendy, I'm not sure I'd go back other than for drinks.

            The service is good but a little too in-your-face for my tastes.