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Knife + Fork or Salt

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All -

I'm trying to make a decision between these two restaurants for a party of 3 girls tomorrow night. Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I made a reservation for my wife and 2 female coworkers for Knife + Fork about 2 months ago and they enjoyed it. The room is fairly dim, not that loud and with decent but not extraordinary food - which they liked - so that they could just catch up and chill.

    Both visits I've made to Salt (once with my wife and her cousin, once with a friend) - the noise level was very high, the seating arrangements are very tight (mostly communal dining) and the food is hit or miss...with the hits being very good.

    If you are looking for a nice night to catch up - Knife + Fork. If you are looking for a little extra liveliness to get you ready/amped for a night out...Salt.

    1. Oh I get it, these are names of restaurants. I thought this thread was literally about a choice between... oh, never mind

      1. i have never been to Salt, even though i have wanted to go for some time, but my wife and i had a very nice evening at Knife & Fork back in september. First of all, the prix fix is well worth it and the food, as dkstar1 said, is definitely decent (some very good) but not extraordinary. While some of the dishes were memorable, i did in fact have one of the worst flavor combinations, all i will say is snails, garlic & foie gras with some foam thrown in there. Besides that one dish, we did enjoy the rest of the food. Wine list is well priced as well. we very much enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant. its a small, intimate and the service was exactly what we expected from this type of restaurant, knowledgable, attentive and friendly.

        1. knife + fork - for sure! one of the very best dining experiences in new york. food, atmosphere, service, price - all refreshingly wonderful.

          1. Hmm, I did not like Knife + Fork and posted to that effect yesterday, but that post was apparently taken down...interesting. In any event, I did not like Knife + Fork - mediocre food at best. Not worth going and definitely not going to be back.

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              The last time I went to Knife + Fork, the room was very smoky. It was as if something was consistently being burnt in the kitchen.

              The woman behind the bar had to open the door (letting freezing cold air in) every 10 minutes to ventilate the place. I left smelling like smoke.

              Other than that, we had a decent meal. Nothing THAT memorable though.

            2. Thanks for your thoughts. I think that I am going to take my chances tonight with Knife + Fork.

              I've really wanted to try this place for a while now because of the prix fixe menu, so I'm going to set my expectations a little lower than usual given the mixed reviews and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

              Crossing my fingers...and will report back!