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Jan 25, 2007 12:51 PM


I enjoyed two bottles of Llano Estacado Reserve Cellar 2003 Cab that I received as a gift. What a surprise! Delicious. Its a winery in Lubbock (west Texas). From what I understand, the climate is perfect out there for excellent Cabs and the wine industry is growing fast. The quality is supposedly mixed from winery to winery, but this wine was just fine!
Anyone else have any experience with this wine?

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  1. In the 80's there was a winery in Lubbock called Pheasant Ridge. Their cab won 100+ bottle blind tasting in France. Llano Estacado has been there probably as long and normally produces outstand wines. I'm from Texas so am pretty familiar with a number of Texas wines. Llano is on a high plateau in west Texas that is hot during the day but cools down at night much like some of the areas around here. Just no sea breezes.

    1. Llano Estacado is among the best coming out of the Texas.

      The area that has shown the most promise, in so far as the wines I've tasted is the "Texas Hill County" appellation, or AVA. That area has about two dozen or so wineries of -- as you point out -- varying degrees of quality. But, IMHO, they still have a long way to go in terms of coming up to the consistent quality evidenced by wineries in California, Oregon and Washington State . . . or even Virgina, in my experience.


      1. I had a wonderful Texas cab, given me as a gift. It was such a surprise -- fruit forward, but more complex than jammy. I really wish I could recall the name, I'd like to order a case for my wedding recpetion this spring. The name was The Something, where "something' was a word that began with 'R' but I can't remember what.

        If anyone's heard od something like that please let me know! It was too good of a find to let fall by the wayside.

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          Maybe it was The Iconoclast from Becker Vineyards? In any event, get some of the Llano Cellar Reserve sent and try it out..its about $20/bottle.