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has anyone been to xochitl on s. 2nd yet? i think it opened a couple of weeks ago, and i've been excited to try it but haven't gotten around to it yet. any opinions?

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  1. I haven't been myself, but friends raved, and I read a fantastic review on another food board.

    1. I went the other night, and had a fantastic meal at the bar. the seafood soup was so amazing, briming with perfectly cooked seafood (bay scallops, calamari rings, red snapper, etc...) in a slightly spicy and incredibly flavorful tomato broth. the braised pork was also phenomenal. i had a killer fresh blood orange margarita and some really high quality tequilas for sipping (with accompanying sangrita). a nice gruner ventelier by the glass. incredible and soulfull churros for desert (and avocado ice cream that rocked)
      couldn't recomend it enough.

      1. I was there last night and it was OK. The only thing I had that I can really recommend was the stuffed poblano. It was prepared with pomegranate seeds on top, they really added something to the dish. The tortilla soup wasn't bad, but not the best I've had. We also had the sopes, and the 'tacos' for dessert, those were particularly underwhelming. Kinda pricey for what it was, but I guess that's not unusual in that neighborhood. The lounge area downstairs is really nice, and people I know who have had the mixed drinks rave about them. The food is good, but not spectacular. I'm sure they'll still be there in six months if I want to go back for another try, it was pretty packed for a Tuesday night.

        1. I went last week, during Restaurant Week, and thought the drinks, apps, and entrees were really tasty. Service was great. The ceviches were good, but not amazing. The pork shank was tender and flavorful, and enormous. For the portions, I thought the prices were reasonable.
          My dessert, on the other hand, was awful. The concept sounded intriguing... chocolate cake with roasted peppers and sesame seed ice cream on top, and a tomatillo-based sauce. The chocolate cake was tasteless, not sweet or savory, and the peppers were cold and slimey. The ice cream was delicious, so we all scraped that off and ate it. My only regret was that my mouth was full of ice cream when the server came by to ask how it was, so I couldn't say, awful.

          1. The drinks are gooooooood indeed. Ceviches were tasty, if not as detailed as Pernot's but tasty nonetheless, we got a bit tipsy and asked how the name is correctly pronouced....

            Didnt study for your finals ?........ So Cheat.

            1. sorry to dig out an old thread but i couldn't find anything recent... i tried this place last week and i've got to say i'm disappointed with my more expensive meals in phila lately (horizons aside). they started off really strong with some excellent guacamole and chips, and some fatty but decadent mushroom queso, but things turned sharply downwards immediately after. i tried both red and white sangrias, both were just OK and a whole lotta ice in a $28 pitcher. fried pockets of huitlacoche were surprisingly bland. we had a branzino entree, the special, which wasn't as good as i had hoped. the sauce had an unpleasant color to it, and overpowerered the fish (this, from someone who likes extreme flavors and liberal use of spices). maybe too much cream, not enough spice? i dunno. fish a little overdone as well. our dining companions agreed their entrees didn't live up to the two first appetizers. and one of my dining companions had a drink, which though he liked it, i thought tasted like robitussin. service was quick, but a little awkward. the decor was really cute. but again i felt like i paid too much for just average food. had our check been $50 rather than well over $200 i would have been a little more pleased.

              on another note i also tried taqueria veracruzana last week while shopping for thanksgiving groceries in the italian market... had a veggie burrito (HUGE) and some absolutely delicious chips and guacamole for $13. all things should be so tasty. love how they present the guac with shaved cheese overtop. very busy place... can't wait to go back.