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Jan 25, 2007 12:11 PM

Best Lobster Salad :)

I just read the post on Cobb Salad's and now I am craving lobster salad. Maybe for lunch tomorrow. Any ideas would be great!

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  1. Mary's Fish Camp. Don't know if you can get it out of the roll, but I also don't know why would you want to.

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    1. re: jdmetz

      ooohhh I LOVE their lobster rolls!!

    2. They probably sell it at Fish, which is on Bleecker, but also has a branch at the Chelsea Market. It's a little spicier than the one at Mary's or Pearl's, but they're all good.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The Fairway in Red Hook sells lobster salad by the pound (cheap). You can get a lobster roll in their cafe for like $8 with slaw and kettle chips. It's a great deal!

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          1. For $8 instead of $18 it's pretty close to me.

          2. I had a DELICIOUS lobster salad yesterday at A.O.C. in the West Village. I really wanted to go to Mary's Fish Camp, but they close at 3 and I eat around 4 ish.

            So tasty and a lot of lobster!