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Jan 25, 2007 12:07 PM

My Birthday Dinner- narrow the choices

Me and my man are going to celebrate my birthday with some fine fine food. But I need help- which one?! I adore good food but I am no expert so don't want to be overcharged if I can't appreciate it- and I'm NOT a fan of the molecular gastronomy. Nothing to snobby. I've narrowed it down to:


But if you think there's an option we should go to instead, just holla! Thanks!

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  1. All of those get very high marks on the board, it depends what kind of atmosphere and food you are looking for, I would suggest doing individual searches to research. Also, Salts in Cambridge and No. 9 Park are also excellent.

    1. "Don't want to be overcharged" and "nothing too snobby," huh?

      In that case, although I love Clio a lot (not snobby, but very pricey), I'd choose Troquet or Pigalle from your list.

      Agree with Itownhound though; I prefer Salts to either place.

      No. 9 Park is too hit-or-miss lately for my tastes.

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      1. L'espalier. Very friendly. Always professional service. A bent towards local products. (As a local product supplier to them I can say they a good to us farmers.) Organized staff. Not too bigger than life feeling, but very special.

        1. Pigalle! Great food, great service and a grown-up but chill vibe.

          1. L'Espalier hands down. For something on the hipper side, consider Sorellina. The food and service are excellent - can get a bit noisy though - depends where you are sitting & the night.