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Jan 25, 2007 12:02 PM

Westchester Steakhouses.....opinions

I know that this is a Manhattan board but I will bet that some of you who work in the city live in Westchester and can help.
Taking my son out for 14th birthday on Sat. night. He recently discovered that he loves steak.

Currently have a reservation at Frankie and Johnnies. Have been to Morton's, Flames, Manero's (ugh), Tollgate, Willett, and Ruth's Chris all before. With the exception of Manero's, all of the aformentioned serve a decent to very good porterhouse in nice but what I would consider uninspired settlings. I figured I would try F and J. Anyone have any comments or opinions?

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  1. I've been to F&J on Rye once upon recommendation of my real estate broker...she claimed that she liked the porterhouse better there than Luger's. Anyway, we did check it out and while it was good, it is definitely not better than Luger's (meat /taste) but is decent. But, it is nicely situated in Rye's little restaurant row and was quite busy on a Saturday night so, it may suit the occassion. I ended-up buying property in lower Ct vs. Weschester and the old timers all seemed to like WIllet's on P.C. but, I have never been --that place may have a more old school traditional steak house feel to it as per their description...but, it's really all about the Beef for me (only like Luger's).

    1. F and J can be a fun place if you go with someone that is a regular there if not it can be a waste of money and time. Best steak in Westchester is at the Willet House so I would suggest you go there as it is more casual and with a 14 year old I think would be a big plus.