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Jan 25, 2007 11:47 AM

Jamaica Plain Dinner for 12

Looking for suggestions to give my folks and their friends for a pre-theater Friday dinner in JP. They tried 10 Tables, but you can't do a group larger than 8 without booking the whole restaurant.
Some pretty adventurous eaters in the group as well as some people I've never met before. I'm open to all suggestions!

TIA for your help,


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  1. For a little nicer, I'd say Cafe D. Alchemist could fit that. And Zon's. More casual could be James Gate. Or go super casual at Miami or El Oriental de Cuba.

    1. The Dogwood Cafe would be a fun place to go. Excellent brick oven pizzas (as always, specify "well-done" to get the crust perfectly cooked), great turkey tips and such, pretty good pastas, and the specials are usually tasty as well.

      Certainly not fine dining, but real satisfying food.

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      1. re: Bostonbob3

        I like Dogwood as well! Great pizza. Wonder spice might be able to seat you as well.

      2. I've recently enjoyed meals at the Alchemist Lounge and Zon's, places that could seat that crowd and have the range to please diverse tastes.

        1. Cha Fahn is another option, nice atmosphere,good interesting food
          I agree with Cafe D, maybe Zon's for atmosphere.
          Dogwood cafe,I do not recopmmend ,James Gate is good for a drink but I wouldn't eat there

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          1. re: reelfood

            Isn't the layout at Cha Fahn a little odd for such a large group?

          2. All good recs above. I'd say Zon's and the Dogwood are both good options, mainly because they have a wide variety of entrees at both places.