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Jan 25, 2007 11:46 AM


Celeriac (Celery Root) is peak right now. I got a particularly nice heft one today and am planning on making a 3 Celery soup. It is celery, celeriac, and celery seed all cooked together and pureed with cream. Lovely stuff. I also use it salad. What are your favorite uses?

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  1. I love this knobby little root. It is really good simply roasted with thyme and olive oil, I generally peel, cube and toss with s&p, etc.
    I also really enjoy it in a salad/side dish with a light grain mustard vinaigrette. If you have a mandoline, cut it into narrow batonettes, kinda like a julienne, then stick it into acidulated ice water before draining and dressing. Something about the cold lemon water makes it extra crispy and the lemon flavor is nice too.
    Whenever I over roast it, which I manage to do often, I turn it into either soup or a puree as a side, and I am never dissapointed. Perfect for the cold weather season.

    1. Remoulade, for sure, and in a half-and-half puree with potatoes, butter, and cream.

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        I do remoulade a lot. Marsh had a good deal on them today $2.29@ Kroger had been selling by the lb. They looked really fresh today.

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          Surprisingly, remoulade is my least favourite celeriac dish. I'd much rather eat it with a vinaigrette than a creamy dressing. (FYI, it's great with ginger-sesame dressing, like Newman's Own.)

          It's fab roasted and braised. And, of course, in a gratin - esp. with fontina.

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            I feel the same way about remoulade; I prefer my celery root as a puree. I find the dressing on the remoulade distracts from the flavor of the celery root.

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              I usually make an aioli instead of remoulade, and it's one of the best things you can put in your mouth, IMO.

      2. It was pretty funny in the checkout line at the store. The cashier and bagger wanted to know "what is that thing" and the woman behind me wanted to know too and ask about preparation if you have never seen it before take a look at the photo. That one is a bit over a lb. When peeled and trimmed it will come in at about 3/4 lb. They taste kind of like a cross between celery and parsley.

        1. That thing would even beat a rutagaga in an ugly contest! Love them both, anyway. Might try throwing some rutabaga into the potato, celery root puree next time.

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            Rutabagas pureed with butter and a good strong amontillado sherry is wonderful

          2. When I lived in Germany, it's what I got from the grocer when I asked for celery. They never could understand what the heck I was talking about... green, stalks, crispy...

            As a diabetic, I mainly use it as a mashed potatoes replacement. I mash potatoes for the rest of the family and mash/puree celeriac for me... add butter & cream, of course... I'm cutting simple starches, not flavor. They end up eating my mashed celeriac.

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              I am not a diabetic but I seriously watch carbs and the glycemic index. Celeriac is a wonderful addition to my diet. The flavor is unmatched