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Jan 25, 2007 11:45 AM

Bear Rock Cafe

I hesitate to even bring this topic to the boards, as it doesn't fit my impression of Chowhound-ness (for me that means trying to find little known gems and discussing local places, or at least sort of local).

However, when my trip to Delaware Subs for a Cheesesteak (on special every Thursday) was cruelly brought to a halt by the fact that the Delaware Subs on Parmer is closed due to a fire, I just decided to get back in my car and drive up Parmer. I passed by and said, what the heck, after all, I was hungry and I needed to get back to work fairly soon.

So consider this just an FYI post. I won't go into a lot of detail - the end result is - don't bother. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't anything special either. Mediocre food aimed squarely at the high-tech employees (of which I am one) in the Burnet/Duval/Mopac area. All the usual suspects are there, sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. I've had worse sandwiches, but when I compare the Roast Beef on Foccacia which I got there ($6.29) to the Roast Beef sandwich at Little Deli (of which I spoke of in a previous post - $6.25), there is no comparison whatsoever.

So, if you've seen it and wondered, rest assured your life will not be any less fulfilled for not having dined there. If you're dying for a good sandwich, try aforementioned Little Deli or the San Francisco Bakery & Cafe on Anderson.

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  1. Hell...that's *exactly* the kind of Chowhoundiness that I look for when I come here.... avoidance of places that suck. Couple it with a recommendation of where I *should* try, and you've got yourself a great post. I need to try this Little Deli.

    Thanks for the info.

    1. I live nearby and we got suckered into the BR trap one saturday after they first opened. My overall opinion of the place was, "this menu seems like it should be good." Almost everything on there could be good, but there is just no execution. It's a classic example of fast food thinking of making a "high end" establishment. I seem to remember it being overpriced as well. About the only think I enjoyed was the soup, but it was a very small serving.

      Deleware says they are opening that location again but I have not seen much action. The Sushi restaurant in the same center is good, I will have to post a review when I have time.

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        ahaley>> My overall opinion of the place was, "this menu seems like it should be good." ahaley>> Almost everything on there could be good, but there is just no execution.

        Completely agree! I was so optimistic after looking at their menu!

        Their pizza was disappointing.

        1. re: ahaley

          If you are talking about Tomo Sushi, I agree with you. I was shocked to find a decent sushi place this far up North. Is it true that the sushi chef/owner moved here from Nobu in Vegas?

        2. There were a couple of workers in the Delaware Sub shop when I peered in the window - however, the place was pretty bare inside. They won't be open anytime soon.

          1. Little Deli is quite good, but I haven't been there in some time. They have a nice pastrami sandwich, and very tasty chili.

            1. We have a Bear Rock Cafe out here in MA and I have to say that I have enjoyed it the two times I ate there. I like the Nuevo Poblano salad. That's all I've gotten there, but I really like it and I will go have it again sometime. My husband ate a sandwich there and enjoyed it too.

              What I do find disappointing is that their breakfasts look good, but they don't open very early!