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Jan 25, 2007 11:45 AM

Jackson heights Indian

Sorry about the open ended question. I am looking for the best to have a tasty Indian meal in Jackson heights. I am not only looking for food but a traditional atmosphere as well. I usually am ok with dives, but in this case am looking for something a tad more upscale. I have searched on the boards and the clear favorite seems to be Spicy Minas. I would perfer something closer to the hub-bub, and perhaps a bit cleaner.
Thanks again.

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  1. We Love New Delhi Palace on 74th Street. The tandoori items are great, as are the vegetarian stuff. It is on a par with Jackson Diner but with out the Grand Central Station feel and they take credit cards and BYO and no corkage fee. Have had many wonderful meals there. Love the Tandoori mixed grill and the karahai bindi (okra) enjoy.

    1. The most upscale Indian you're going to find in Jackson Heights is the Jackson Diner. That said, you might enjoy the upstairs dining room of Kebab King (carpet, chandeliers). If you are in the mood for a pleasant lunch-type experience, not a full dinner, I recommend the Dosa Diner. They serve only thali, dosas, uttapam, etc., not dinner, but the cooking is quite subtle and delicious. It is casual but not a dive.

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        Dosa Diner is my absolute favorite, but double check to make sure it has re-opened....